Our core values and why they matter.

Core values are fundamental beliefs of a person or organization.  They are the guiding principles that dictate behavior and action.  They help to provide a guideline for us to determine whether we are on the right path to achieving our purpose and goals.  They are unwavering and our "rules of engagement".  We've  recently posted our 'KORE' Values around our facility so that our clients can gain a better understanding about what our guiding principles are.  We also posted what they mean to us as a staff as another means of accountability and we fully expect to be called out on any infraction as we strive to live up to our core values on a daily basis.  If you have never done this exercise in your personal, family, business life etc, I highly recommend it.  Having clarity on you values and what they mean to you really helps provide your life with direction. First we started out with our Core Purpose, our fundamental reason for existing, what drives us to get out of bed everyday and go to work beyond just making a paycheck.  Our core purpose is not about the services we sell but about who we are, why we exist, and what we believe.  When it comes down to it, our motivating or driving force is this:


From our Core Purpose, we broke down our KORE Values into what they meant exactly for us.  We kept it as simple and clear as possible:


After we took our KORE Values and simplified them into the clearest definition of what we were trying to achieve, we broke each on of our KORE Values down further.  We wanted to define what it meant for us to live our KORE Values to the fullest.  We used 3-4 bullets to get down to the nitty gritty of EXACTLY what we had to do in order to stay true to our KORE Values.


This exercise helps all of us at KORE Wellness to know that at the heart of what we do everyday is something very meaningful.  It allows us to know that what we are doing serves a greater purpose.  Obviously, our day to day duties revolve around tangible, productive work but when we know that our daily work is part of a bigger purpose, we are more driven to do the daily tasks and follow the bullet points of our core values.  What does this mean for our clients at KORE?  A well-communicated core purpose and values result in a workforce that is more engaged. Engaged employees work with passion and they feel a profound connection to making your client experience top notch because it aligns directly with our purpose.  Ultimately it means that you will be well taken care of as you achieve the healthy and active life you thought only existed in your dreams.

Elise Matthews

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