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Are you plagued with aches and pains from your daily routine? Are you looking for a way to achieve optimal performance in your sport? Have you been in pain for a while but no doctors can figure out what is the matter?

At KORE Wellness, we have found that a lot of the pain issues that cannot be diagnosed come down to spinal and posture misalignment. 

KORE Wellness Posture Alignment Columbia

Think of your body as a stack of books. If all of the books are aligned, there is no problem. But if one book is out of place in the stack, the rest of the books have to shift to keep the stack balanced. The exact same thing happens in your body. An imbalance in your body will cause the rest of the body to shift in order to maintain its center of gravity.

In our experience, the amount of people living with chronic pain, that need pain management in Columbia, has increased tremendously over the last several years. There are an increasing number of our clients who have sought out a number of solutions for their pain and ended up at an orthopedic surgery consult. For those who are not interested in going under the knife, we have a solution for you.

At KORE Wellness we have come up with a Posture Assessment and Correction program that helps our clients who live constantly in pain. Our Posture Correction program uses the initial screen in combination with a posture assessment, corrective exercises, and massage therapy to get our clients back to a pain-free life. This is an analysis of your whole body in which imbalances are located and assessed.

You will discover what your imbalances are, get a series of exercises to bring your body back into a normal balance, and work with our massage therapist over a series of sessions to keep your body pain free and in normal balance. Try out KORE Wellness for your one stop shop for Posture Correction in Columbia! Just fill out the short form on the side of this page to see how our Posture Correction program can help you!

This program starts at just $199/month

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