Jared Kauffman Personal Training Instructor

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Jared Kauffman

Jared has been a member of the KORE team since graduating from University of South Carolina’s exercise science program. At USC he was a Gamecock swimmer who dealt with his own struggles staying injury-free as he pushed himself towards higher levels of health and fitness. From his athletic journey, Jared understands the role of establishing an adequate level of functional movement before building strength and the role corrective exercises play in reducing the risk of injury.


  • BS Exercise Science
  • Functional Movement Screen Certified
  • Specialised Functional Movement Analyst
  • Y-Balance Test Certified
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • CPR and First Aid Certified



personal training in columbia personal training in columbia

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