With a commitment to health and fitness that supersedes any excuse, this is Rebecca’s Member of the Month story

With a  commitment to health and fitness that supersedes any excuse, this is Rebecca’s Member of the Month story

What the staff has to say about Rebecca:

There are a lot of women out there who use pregnancy as an excuse to stop exercising and eat everything they want for 9 months.  Most people use any variety of added stress to take some time off from a commitment to moving forward on their personal health journey.  Rebecca has been amazingly dedicated to her health journey since joining the KORE family after having her second child. She’s put in the work and achieved a level of health and fitness that she could be happy about after having two babies.   Over the past several months however, the staff, along with the rest of the KORE family who trains at the same time as Rebecca have observed a commitment to health that supersedes all possible excuses that might be given to skip one (or several) training days.  Not only is Rebecca pregnant with two kids at home and a full time job, but she is also hitting the height of her pregnancy during the time of year in Columbia, SC where we are “famously” at our hottest.  

Since Rebecca informed the staff of her pregnancy back in the winter, she has stayed the course, showing up every week and diligently doing the work to not only stay healthy during her pregnancy, but also set herself up for an incredibly fast recovery postpartum.   While we have made a few modifications for safety, we have remained impressed with her consistency and refusal to let pregnancy be an excuse to slack off.  

More impressively, Rebecca’s dedication has been noticed by many of our other KORE members and given them a renewed sense of dedication and commitment to their personal journeys.  Afterall, if Rebecca is doing the work at seven months pregnant, what legitimate excuse could they possibly give?  

What Rebecca Has to Say about her Journey So Far: 

Member of the Month Questions

How did you originally hear about us? 

I heard of KORE from a friend who was currently going each morning. 

What prompted you to seek us out once hearing about us?

I was 6 months postpartum with my second child and very frustrated with my current gym. As a new mom of two my time was not my own and very unpredictable. Having to sign up for classes 24 hours in advance and sometimes ending up on the waitlist created a resentful and unsuccessful environment. I needed to find somewhere that I didn’t have to sign up for a class in order to workout and that was flexible with my ‘working mom with two kids’ schedule. 

What was your initial goal when you signed up with us?

I’ve always worked out in some capacity so my initial goal was to get back in shape and lose the stubborn postpartum weight.  

What was holding you back from achieving this goal (before you joined)?

Two little kids. Time. Motivation. Frustration with my old gym. 

Has this goal changed since you joined KORE Wellness?  If yes, what is your new goal?

I specifically remember asking Elise early on if there were any specific exercises I could focus on to help drop the extra baggage in around my stomach. I was disappointed when she said I just needed to stay the course and continue to do what I was doing. It was actually amazing how fast my body changed when I quit worrying about one area and really just focus on my overall commitment to feeling good through functional training. My goal naturally progressed to just feeling good and maintaining. At 33 weeks pregnant, I’m now focusing on listening to my body. I have recently been informed that this delivery will require my first c-section so my goal will transition to regaining my strength post-surgery. 

Now that you’re working on/have achieved this goal, has your view of yourself changed?

Achieving any goal provides motivation to keep moving the bar. Consistently gaining weight with this pregnancy would normally bother me, but I know now that with the help of KORE and the staff that I’ll be back to where I want to be physically when the time allows. 

How do you feel about your future health?

There are so many unknowns for me at this time, but I have a lot of confidence that I will be able to achieve my goals of getting back to pre-baby weight and health. 

What have you liked best about working with us?

I have never felt judged or that I’m not good enough. Some days are better than others and I feel like there is a perfect mix of motivation and acceptance to not be at 100% from the staff. I love the environment that KORE creates and the variety of exercises each day. I’ve never focused on stretching so much and it has been such a necessary part of my workouts during pregnancy. 

What would you say to someone who is struggling with the same goal(s)?

Stay the course and focus on your overall health. Take care of yourself and make time to take care of #1 so you can then provide for those who need you. 

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