A year in review

Life slows down with the passing of Christmas, relationships and celebrations come and hard work is generally put on hold.  I’m always a bit surprised at how quickly another year has passed and I start wondering what I’ve actually achieved in the past 12 months.  

The end of this wild and crazy year is a great time for reflection, call it a year in review. The lull with the holidays is great opportunity to block of some time to do an analysis of where you are, how satisfied you are with your life, and how you wish to move forward.is

Before getting to more specific questions and exercises, lets go over our objective for this exercise:

  • Assess where you started the year and where you are now

  • Brainstorm new ideas you have about your life and what you would like to experience

  • Make any updates or changes to your life vision

  • Create a plan for the new year with specific goals

  • Analyze how to adjust goals in order to achieve them faster or with fewer resources

  • Analyze any changes to your environment from last year to make sure you adjust accordingly

  • Systematically go through all the new things that you learned or things you achieved

  • Reestablish your commitment to yourself


If you would like to participate in this year in review, click to download the PDF.  If you would like help with this exercise, please let me know and I'll be happy to work with you on it!

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