Why do we use the Functional Movement Screen?

Before becoming a member at KORE Wellness,  you are required to go through an initial assessment which includes a health history, review of personal expectations, and the Functional Movement Screen.  The FMS is a quantifiable way for us to not only document your current movement ability, but also identify limitations and asymmetries that could lead to potential injury.  Your weakest link will always be your limiting factor because it exposes you to "leaks" in your movement making your muscles work against you instead of for you when it comes to producing movement. If you cannot move well, you should not attempt to move more before you correct those movement "leaks". Moving more with restrictions or asymmetries leads to compensation patterns that generally will limit your success when it comes to your fitness goals as well as put you at a significantly increased risk of injury. A common statement we find ourselves repeating with regards to poor movement on top of any kind of training, "it's not a question of If the injury will occur but more of a matter of WHEN it will occur.

Our mission at KORE Wellness is to help our clients achieve the active and healthy life they thought was only in their dreams.  We cannot successfully do that if we are flying blind.  The functional movement screen gives us a lot of information that allows us to guide our prospective clients based on quantifiable measurements.  For example, we modify certain exercises for anyone who scores a "1" or Asymmetry on any portion of the movement screen who wants to participate in group training.  The reason we modify exercises is that we want to pattern a movement that will not allow the body to compensate! 

An interesting side note: a recent study shows a 4.7 times greater risk of injury in runners if your FMS score is below a 17! 

Is the FMS 100% accurate as a predictor of injury?  Absolutely not.  But for the most part, we can clearly see if a potential client is ready to hop into classes or not.  Standing by our mission, to bring our clients to the active and healthy life of their dreams, we do not break our rule.  Due to this, we have had to steer some people away from group classes and into semi-private training where they can train safely and work to correct the issues that need to be addressed.  Programming for specific movement correction exercises to work on the limitations and asymmetries that are present, has proven to be the best way to see reductions in chronic pain issues as well as improvement in overall scores of the movement screen.  

Why do we rescreen?

We do semi-annual rescreening for two reasons.  First, it allows each individual an opportunity to see how far they have come in six months of training.  We get a quantifiable way to show progress in the FMS.  Secondly, it gives us an opportunity to make sure that our programming is effectively improving the quality of movement in our members, especially when it comes to our group training classes. 

We will be re-screening this coming month, look to the board at the front desk for sign up times coming soon!



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