Let the Madness begin!

Let the Madness begin!

March is here and it is time to sign up and get ready for our 7th annual March Madness team challenge! 

We’re constantly evaluating the previous year's challenge and making some updates to the curriculum to make it even better than ever!!!  


Is this your first time to March Madness?  Well here’s a little about the challenge:

  • You and your teammates will participate in Mini Challenges that span the month of March.  We have tried as hard as possible to make this a challenge that ALL KORE Members can participate in so some challenges reward the tortoise (slow and steady win the race) and some reward the hare.  

  • We’ve tried to incorporate challenges that push you in different categories of wellness, not just the physical.

  • The key is to  just try everything, and help your team accumulate points. (We always reward trying!)

  • This is a team challenge and notoriously, the team that works together the best is generally the winner.

  • We want you to expand your support network and get to know some different members at the gym, you support your teammates in their struggles and if you feel like there will be challenges that might not be your strongest event, let your team know so they can support you!

  • Some points are ALWAYS better than none, a lot of challenges are averaged for points so just like a grade in school, a zero really drops your average! 

  • The ultimate goal is to possibly find some fun new ways to see other aspects of your health, where you can focus and make a big impact.

  • The overall winning group will not only get our new KORE 2020 shirt but also help design it!  And this year is a special year with our 10 year anniversary celebration!

  • Here’s a sneak peak at some of the challenges: 

    • Step challenge - get out your shoes and help your team accumulate total steps over the weekend.

    • Sharpen the saw challenge - try out different ways of spending some time on you and earn points for your team.

    • Social Challenge - this one has two parts, first share your story or how your feel about KORE Wellness on Social media outlets to earn points for your team, second get together as a team and do something outside of the gym and earn points for your team.

    • Veggie challenge - aka the fiber challenge! Earn points for your team just for eating your veggies!

    • Hoop challenge - Earn points for every consecutive minute you can hula hoop

    • Row challenge - Complete a 500M row as fast as you can to earn points for your team

    • Goal challenge - make your goal public and get SMART about it to earn points for your team

    • Squat challenge - this one has a team twist this year!





    We really hope you join us in this year's challenge, we promise that it will be fun and educational! Sign up on the board at the gym by March 5th!


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