Conduct becoming of a Fighter, our newest member spotlight

Conduct becoming of a fighter; this is Gary's Member spotlight story.

What the staff has to say about Gary:

 When we decide on each member of the month, we look for individuals who are giving extraordinary effort.  For some that might just mean showing up consistently and dedicating themselves to the journey for the first time, for others it might mean doing something that was once impossible.  Gary is retired from the US Army and though retired, his Rock Steady boxing class has become like a band of brothers (and sisters) to him. Like his comrades in the military, they are all fighting the enemy together. This time however, the fight is much more personal.  With Gary joining the RSB program, one thing very clear to us early on... you can take the man out of the military, but that training can never be taken out of the man.! Gary stuck out in our minds for three reasons. First, he pours himself into his training, every session and every exercise, especially when the gloves come on.  Second, Gary is fully committed to the Rock Steady boxing program as a means to fight back against Parkinson’s disease. And last but certainly not least, Gary goes out of the way to support each and every person in the RSB program. Whether they are new and timid or struggling through a particularly bad day, he’s willing to go out of his way to give and show support.  

What Gary  Has to Say about his Journey So Far: 

How did you originally hear about us / What prompted you to seek us out once hearing about us?

His wife suggested the Rock Steady boxing program to him.  He was reluctant that the program would help him until coming to observe a class at KORE Wellness

What was your initial goal when you signed up with us?

I was experiencing some right side weakness.  I also had lost 18 lbs since developing tremors.  I wanted to tackle both of these issues.  

What was holding you back from achieving this goal (before you joined)?

Not understanding the full range of Parkinson’s disease and how a targeted program could help address the whole disease, not just one aspect of it. 

Has this goal changed since you joined KORE Wellness?  If yes, what is your new goal?

RSB has improved my upper body strength and stamina, I want to continue to build strength.

Now that you’re working on/have achieved this goal, has your view of yourself changed?

I feel better about myself physically and my demeanor has improved as well. 

How do you feel about your future health? 

I am much more optimistic.  The Rock Steady Boxing Program is a great motivator to keep me pushing to not only fight the progression of the disease, but improve.

What have you liked best about working with us?

The camaraderie and the positive impact boxing has had

What would you say to someone who is struggling with the same goal(s)?

Try RSB or some other Parkinson’s exercise program.  Listen to your spouse. (His wife had been after him to try RSB after watching a program about Boxing and Parkinson’s.

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