Creative ways to cover up while in public

In case anyone missed the news this weekend (and if so, I'm proud of you!), we've now been told by the CDC that we SHOULD in fact be covering our faces when we're out in public.  Now by public, this means things like trips to the grocery store or other places where it is hard to keep 6 feet away from other individuals.   There are several ways that you can do this and this blog will show you the easy and effective way as well as the um, not so easy and effective way?? 

This video is a quick and effective way to make a face mask from a hand towel or t-shirt and two rubber bands 

CDC's quick and easy face mask


THIS however is a sampling of maybe some not so easy and effective DIY facemasks:

31 creative ways people protected themselves from the corona virus

I hope you enjoy a laugh today!  

Stay safe.

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