An exercise in eating with Mindfulness

Last week we’ve looked at the importance of not only slowing down our eating, but our approach to life.

Today, an exercise to help you practice.

Eat a raisin... really, really slowly

At some point in the next few days, grab a handful of raisins. (By the way, you can also try this experiment with some "junk food". See what you notice when you eat, say, your favorite guilty pleasure slowly)

Book 15 minutes with no interruptions or distractions to complete the following task.

(If you can’t find 15 quiet minutes alone, then either you’re a mother of a newborn, you’re in the trenches of the COVID-Quarantine with kids at home, (if you have neither of these) you may want to re-evaluate some things in your life.)

  1. Set your raisins out in front of you and look at them. Pick one up and inspect it closely. Notice how each raisin is unique.

  2. Sniff the raisin. Does it smell like anything? If yes, what? Can you identify the scent?

  3. Pop the raisin into your mouth. Roll it around a bit, feeling the texture.

  4. Bite into it. Notice what happens to your taste buds. Chew it slowly. Does the taste change as you chew? Chew the raisin 15 times.

Then swallow the raisin and repeat with the rest of the raisins.

Observe, after doing this exercise, ask yourself:

  • What did I notice?

  • What did I experience?

Don’t worry — you are not supposed to eat all your meals like this!

This exercise simply shows you how much more you can experience and enjoy your food when you slow down, pay attention, and eat mindfully.

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