How to correct dysfunctional breathing patterns:

How to correct dysfunctional breathing patterns:

The crocodile breathing exercise is used to teach and train functional diaphragmatic breathing patterns.

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Begin by positioning yourself face down so that your stomach is on the floor with your forehead on your hands, both palms down, one covering the other. Make sure the chest and arms are relaxed, and you are as "flat" as you can get; your neck should be relaxed and comfortable.  You should feel that you are on your chest not on the edge of your ribs.

  1. Breathe in through the nose and feel the air move down past the chest into the "stomach". When this happens, you will feel the abdomen push out against the ground and laterally, this should happen naturally without you forcing your stomach out. 

  2. Take a nasal inhalation and exhalation. 

  3. Nasal inhalation should be a low, slow 3 seconds  

  4. Then a brief pause (1-2 seconds)

  5. Nasal exhalation should be slow and full 4-6 seconds  

  6. Then a longer pause (2-3 seconds) 

  7. Then the next breath cycle 

  8. The air should expand into the abdomen, not the chest or shoulders.

Check out the video here

Functional Breathing Training Program

For the next week, block off 5 minutes each day to perform the crocodile breathing exercise, preferably at a time when you will not be disturbed.  

Throughout your day, check in to your breathing and determine at which points your breathing is dysfunctional.  At those points try to focus on applying this same breathing technique. 

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