Joint mobility mini series

Each of these series takes about 6-7 minutes to complete, pick and choose as you like or just take one for each day of the week! 

Neck Series:(<-- Click for video)

L / R

Up / Down

Side / Side

Up and R/ L

Down and R/ L

Chicken F/B

Chicken S/S

Chicken circles

Big Yawn

Figure 8 with nose

Chest & Shoulders (<--Click for video)

Shrug / Drop

Roll Fwd / Roll Back

Circles OH, T, Front, Back

Single Arm circles Fwd / Back / Figure 8

Over under circles

Across Check and Back

Over shoulder taps

Behind the back chest expansions

Double arm circles Fwd /Back

Elbow Curls

Upper spine (<-- Click for video)

T-spine flexion and extension

T-spine side to side

Rag Doll Fwd

Rag Doll Backwards 

Side to side reaches

Quadruped Chest collapse

Quad Rotations

Side lying rib grabs

Side lying full circle sweeps

Lower Spine (<-- Click for video)

Hula hoop

Pelvic tilts lateral / fwd and back, circles 


Spinal wave

Wide stance through the feet reaches

Hands on knees cat/cow

Cat/Cow side to side

Childs pose to cobra

Windshield wipers

Hips (<-- Click for video)

Split stance hip circles

Medieval dance

Leg swings fwd / back

Single leg circles fwd / side /back


Knee circles

Frog rocking face up

Knee hug hip rotation

Quadruped hip circles

Legs (<-- Click for video)

Toe touch progression

Wide stance sumo squat

Wide stance foot to foot walk

Cossak lunge with hand walk

½ Kn dorsi flexion

½ kn adductor stretch

Supine Bent leg straight leg

Supine leg lowers

Ankle circles point and flex




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