Motion is the lotion.

If you've been reading the KORE blog posts for long enough you know that prolonged sitting is pretty bad for all of the systems in your body.  Movement assists your major body functions on the inside, but movement also helps superficially.  Most of our pain related issues have a variable that includes lack of movement.   Many of our clients who come in specifically for pain related issues quickly learn that regular daily, appropriate movement is a great way to manage their painful symptoms. Soft tissue (ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia) will shorten and tighten if not moved in full range of motion regularly.  If you already have an issue in a joint or muscle, inflammation and swelling can occur with prolonged periods of inactivity, (think long car rides) making that area acutely more painful.  When you move your body's joints through a range of motion in a gentle and non-aggressive way, those painful joints will actually become less painful.   For those not in pain, movement and general strength can actually work as a preventative against future joint problems.  Movement is the trigger mechanism to release synovial fluid to our joints, providing the much needed lubrication to keep things moving properly.

  Regular motion is to your muscles and joints like lotion is to your skin, apply it daily and apply it directly to areas that require more! For those of you at home, a great way to get daily motion through those achy spots is with Joint Mobility.  I've provided six short (4-6 minute) routines that you can do anywhere to target specific areas of your body that are prone to tightness or pain.  Figure out 5 minutes in your day where you can apply some motion lotion so you can be free of that stiffness and pain! 

Neck Series:(<-- Click for video)

L / R

Up / Down

Side / Side

Up and R/ L

Down and R/ L

Chicken F/B

Chicken S/S

Chicken circles

Big Yawn

Figure 8 with nose

Chest & Shoulders (<--Click for video)

Shrug / Drop

Roll Fwd / Roll Back

Circles OH, T, Front, Back

Single Arm circles Fwd / Back / Figure 8

Over under circles

Across Check and Back

Over shoulder taps

Behind the back chest expansions

Double arm circles Fwd /Back

Elbow Curls

Upper spine (<-- Click for video)

T-spine flexion and extension

T-spine side to side

Rag Doll Fwd

Rag Doll Backwards 

Side to side reaches

Quadruped Chest collapse

Quad Rotations

Side lying rib grabs

Side lying full circle sweeps

Lower Spine (<-- Click for video)

Hula hoop

Pelvic tilts lateral / fwd and back, circles 


Spinal wave

Wide stance through the feet reaches

Hands on knees cat/cow

Cat/Cow side to side

Childs pose to cobra

Windshield wipers

Hips (<-- Click for video)

Split stance hip circles

Medieval dance

Leg swings fwd / back

Single leg circles fwd / side /back


Knee circles

Frog rocking face up

Knee hug hip rotation

Quadruped hip circles

Legs (<-- Click for video)

Toe touch progression

Wide stance sumo squat

Wide stance foot to foot walk

Cossak lunge with hand walk

½ Kn dorsi flexion

½ kn adductor stretch

Supine Bent leg straight leg

Supine leg lowers

Ankle circles point and flex

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