KORE Wellness Kettlebell Training: Its a bear

Cardio Circuit - 2 Kettlebells (heavy) Today you will be alternating:

  • 10 - Kettlebell or Dumbbell Bear Crawls
  • 10 - Double Kettlebell Swings for 10 yards.
http://vimeo.com/89865401 This means you will take 10 steps doing Bear Crawl, then stop and do Double Kettlebell Swings where you are and repeat until you complete the x-yard distance.
  • Beginners: Do 5 sets of 20 yards
  • Intermediates: Do 6 sets of 20 yards
  • Advanced: Do 7 sets of 20 yards
Complete the workout and post the following to this blog: Time it took to complete the workout Kettlebell Weight Used Any Amendments to the workout Number of sets Average heart rate and calories burned (if using a HR Monitor) Rating for workout KORE Wellness Kettlebell Training Routines are to be followed only by those who have good knowledge of how to use a kettlebell.  If you have not had your technique checked out by a certified RKC or Strong First instructor, there is a strong likelihood that you are not using proper kettle bell technique. KORE Wellness is a training studio located in Columbia, SC.  At KORE Wellness we strive to make your health journey not only successful but a complete transition.  We put a lot into our training programs and accept only serious applicants so we can maximize our time with those who are determined to succeed.  At KORE Wellness, you show up prepared to work hard, think, and learn.  Life long health is about transforming the way you think and do things, it is more than just a workout or just a change of eating habits.  In order to achieve life long success, you must change daily habits, an inner dialog, and make a commitment to something greater than your current self.

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