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New Years Resolutions are right around the corner and every year I see an uptick of people out running and jogging in January.  By February most of the runners have all disappeared. Starting a running program is a very common means to hit your goals of reaching your optimal health in the new year. It's easy because it doesn't require anything more than a pair of running shoes and some self discipline.  The problem is that most people have no idea how to run and just think that they can lace up their shoes and start pounding the pavement.  Did you know that 3 out of 4 runners will suffer an injury that puts them on the sidelines this coming year?  Most of us live pretty sedentary lives because with today's modern technology, we spend most of our day sitting on our rear end in a car or in front of a screen.  When we sit for 8-14 hours a day, some things start to change in our body and lacing up the running shoes to go for a run doesn't change the fact that our body has reprogrammed itself to sitting in a chair all day.   So if you are thinking about starting back on a running program in the new year, we have put together a list of four things you should consider. As we prepare to launch our first ever course for runners on injury prevention and maintenance, I prepared a little PDF download with our suggested requirements when starting a running program.  Now these are just bare bones and our run free course will go into significantly more detail, but we narrowed our requirements down to the most simple, yet effective four recommendations possible.  If you make sure to follow our guidelines, your risk of being sidelined with a running injury will drop significantly.  If you are interested in our run free course, you can request more information by clicking on the image below to download the PDF and checking the box to indicate your interest. If you just want the PDF, click the image below.

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