KORE's Miracle Morning Call To Action

KORE'sMiracle Morning Call to Action

“One of the saddest things in life is to get to the end and look back in regret, knowing that you could have been, done, and had so much more.” – R. Sharma

What if every day really is Ground Hog Day??? Ground Hog Day, although an incredibly funny movie, strikes to the heart of an issue for 95% of our population. Everyday, we wake up and repeat the same mediocre stuff we did the day before. Obviously it isn’t the exact same day replaying over and over, but it might as well be. How often do you get out of bed with the thought that today you will overcome the mediocrity of another ordinary day and try to live this day to your full potential? My guess is not very often. 95% of our society settles for the mediocre day every day. So what is this 95% rule??? According to the Social Security Administration, if you follow 100 people from the start of their working careers over the next 40 years of their lives until they reach retirement age, here is what you will find:
  • 1 will be wealthy
  • 4 will be financially secure
5 will continue working, not because they want to, but because they have to
  • 36 will be dead
  • 54 will be broke and dependent on friends, family, relatives, and the government to take care of them.
Only 5% will be successful in creating a life of freedom, while 95% will either continue to struggle the rest of their lives or not make it to retirement. When I read this, it was a game changer for me. Not only did I want to do the things necessary to make myself as healthy as possible in order to make it to retirement but I also wanted to do the things I needed to do to make sure I didn’t have to rely on others for financial support in my retirement. So why do we struggle to keep our resolutions or get ahead in life? It comes down to 5 things:
  1. We believe who we were, is who we are. For example, we are always looking back at what we have done in the past to assess what we are currently capable of. “I dropped out of weight watchers so I shouldn’t try this whole 30 challenge because I’ll drop out of that too.” If you place limitations on your thoughts, you will place limitations on your life. If you want to movebeyond your past mistakes and break through your current limitations, you have to stop letting your past dictate your future and start imagining a life where anything is possible.
  1. We don’t have a life purpose. The average person has no life purpose and is simply living life one day at a time trying to make it to the weekend, then simply starting all over again on Monday. The alarm clock is a hated sound dragging them out of their comfortable bed and back into their mediocre life. To break out of this cycle of life, you need to find a life purpose, something that makes you excited to get out of bed every morning and attack the day with an action plan leading you closer to your purpose. At this point, start small and you can grow into a bigger life purpose. It could be something as simple as “I’m going to go out of my way to make everyone I meet today smile,” or “I’m going to find 3 ways to pay it forward everyday.”
  2. We assume that the choices that we make only affect that particular circumstance. We might think, “Oh, its ok. I made my other workouts this week, I can skip this one and I can make it up next week.” We make the mistake of thinking that skipping a workout only affects that incident. Nothing is further from the truth. This may sound extreme but every single thought, choice, and action is determining who we are becoming. One of my favorite quotes by Harv Eker puts it perfectly, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” For example, when the alarm clock goes off in the morning to wake you up for your early training session and you just don’t “feel” like training that morning, hitting the easy oops... snooze button and blowing off that session is actually programming you hit that easy button again and again.
  3. We have no accountability system. Did you know that virtually all of the highly successful people in our nation, from CEO’s to world leaders, have some form of accountability system or coach? Being responsible to someone else for your actions or results is something that most people haven’t had in their lives since they left home. Accountability is definitely the reason why high school drop out rates are 7% and college drop out rates are about 33%. With graduation and our gained freedom comes the downward spiral into habits such as laziness, irresponsibility, and cutting corners. The biggest reason people get a personal trainer is because they recognize that they need an accountability coach to help them stay on the path to specific goals. You don’t necessarily need a personal trainer to be successful, but you do need an accountability system!
  4. You are surrounded by Vampires! Allow me to clarify. Research has shown that if you want to know who you will become, just look at the five people you spend the most time with. The people you are surrounded by will be the single determining factor in your future self. Sorry, your mom was right in not wanting you to hang out with certain kids.... In every area of success, happiness, health, income, etc, if your friends are happy, healthy, successful, and good with their money, you will automatically be brought up to their level of thinking and be influenced positively by their success. Vampires are those people who suck the potential out of you and pull you down to their level of lazy, weak-minded, excuse-making, behaviors and thoughts. Seek out people who not only are where you want to be in life but also believe in you and want to help you get there.
The Three Phases of Habit Change Hal Elrod came up with these in his book, The Morning Miracle, and I think they are genius: Phase 1 (Days 1-10) UnbearableThe first 10 days of implementing any new habit or getting rid of an old habit can feel unbearable. Sure, the first few days are exciting because its something new and you are pumped to make a change but that newness wears off quickly after about the third day and those thoughts start creeping in.... “Ugh, this sucks, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep this up.” Most people don’t realize that this unbearable phase is only temporary, just like the headache you get from giving up those five cups of coffee. Instead, they believe that this feeling is the way it will always feel and it is no longer worth it. Enter the 95% rule again...failing time and again with any resolution, goal, new habit, etc. When you are mentally prepared for the first 10 days to be unbearable, knowing that it WILL get better, you will have a better mindset to realize those 10 days are just growing pains to a better, more purposeful life. Phase 2 (Days 11-20) UncomfortableYou’ve broken through the hardest part but you aren’t quite out of the woods yet.
At this point, you will be getting used to your new habit and you not only will be developing some confidence, but also have noticed positive results from the first 10 days. These days will not be as hard, but will require DISCIPLINE because it will still be tempting to fall back into your old behavior patterns. Phase 3 (Days 21-30) UnstoppableWe all hear about the 21-day challenges, and while they are remarkably successful for short-term gains, they don’t seem to promote lasting success. When you hit these final 10 days, the worst mistake you can make is to stop at that 21-day mark. While it absolutely does take 21 days to form a new habit, the last 10 days are essential in developing a positive relationship with your new habit. You made it through the hard part, now it is time to finally enjoy your new habit so it can transition from something you are trying into something you are becoming. Taking a break from your habit before you have invested the time into positively reinforcing the habit makes it REALLY difficult to get back on track. Don’t waste all of that unbearable / uncomfortable progress you made in the beginning by falling short at the 21 day mark! What if I told you that the ultimate secret of habit formation, was hidden in the old adage “You snooze, you lose??” Most people have a hate-hate relationship with their alarm clock. It goes off, you hit snooze, it goes off again, you drag yourself out of bed because you have to be somewhere. By delaying waking up until you absolutely HAVE to, not only are you allowing someone or something else to dictate your life, but you are actually telling your body and brain that you don’t really want to live your life. The tone of your morning has a powerful impact on the tone of your day, so much that before you know it, you are stuck in a ‘ground hog day’ repeating the same melancholy outlook day after day. What would happen each day if you were to wake up excited for the day, like you used to when it was Christmas or your Birthday? What would you be able to change about your day? It is a very well concealed secret that by learning to consciously set an intention to begin each day with enthusiasm and a desire to make it your best day ever, you actually set in motion the habit to change your entire life. So the question I ask is, are you really ready to work on developing the habits necessary to create the levels of health, happiness, and success that you truly seek? If that is the case, the secret to taking back control of your life is... waking up before you have to in order to spend time focused on YOU. Before you start complaining about waking up earlier and that you aren’t a morning person,  I want you to wrap your brain around committing to waking early and dedicating that time to YOURSELF, not your facebook page, email, text messages, voicemails, etc. It is time to work on you and finally start achieving your goals instead of setting and forgetting them.  Are you willing to be the 5% or do you want to settle for the 95%? IF you really are ready.... here is your task.This is called the Miracle Morning. It is the brain child of Hal Elrod and if you would like to learn about it in more detail, you can visit www.miraclemorning.com. Everyone can make 60 minutes in the morning, it is simply a matter of making the commitment.  I promise, it will soon become your favorite part of the day. If you accept the challenge, then read on! Your instructions:
  1. Position the alarm clock far enough away from the bed that you HAVE to get up in order to shut it off. Set it for 60 minutes earlier than you usually get up.
  2. When the alarm clock goes off, get out of bed, turn it off and DON’T even think about getting back in bed. This time is yours, its precious because if you have a life similar to mine, it will be the only time you have that is truly yours all day.
  3. Splash water on your face, brush your teeth, drink a glass of water and go find a quiet place to sit (NOT on your bed).
5 Minutes - Silence: Sit in silence. Focus on your breath going in and out. Don’t think about your day, you will have the rest of the day to do that. Clear your mind, relax, and just breathe. 5 Minutes - Affirmations: Hopefully if you are reading this it is because you had a resolution that you let fall by the wayside. If not, hopefully by now you have come up with a life purpose or affirmation statements of something that you truly desire for yourself. This could be something like: I eat well, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest to enjoy good health.
I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
I have control over my thoughts, feelings and choices.
I commit to learning new things, remain open-minded, and am the best that I can be. If you really want to achieve something, you have to repeatedly remind yourself of what you want. Looking over your purpose or commitment will continually energize you to take action towards achieving the life you truly want. Read your resolution, affirmations, or life purpose over during this minute (out loud). Repeat if necessary. 5 Minutes - Visualisation: Close your eyes and imagine what it will be like when your resolution, purpose or affirmation is a reality. Envision what you look like, what you are doing, what it feels like, how you react in certain situations. 5 Minutes - Journaling: Write down things that you are grateful for, proud of, or the results you are committed to creating that day. Try to find new things each day to be grateful for; it will give you a whole new out look on life. 20 Minutes - Reading: Grab either a self-help book or pull up inspirational quotes on Pinterest and spend 20 minutes reading to learn something new and inspirational, or change your mindset on a particular situation. 20 Minutes - Exercising: Spend the 20 minutes doing some form of movement, stretching, jumping jacks, push-ups, anything you want to generate some energy and alertness or just hop in the car and drive over to KORE Wellness for a workout. 5 minutes – Scribing / Journaling ****I believe that this make such a huge difference in your outlook on life and the successful achievement of your goals that everyone who decides to participate in the 30 day miracle morning and successfully completes the 30 days will be put in a drawing to receive a ½ day session with me where we do a complete diagnostic (posture assessment, functional movement screen, y-balance test, body composition analysis), goal planning, and design a 12-week exercise program based off of the results of the diagnostic.  Elise Matthews

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