7 ways to contribute to your emotional bank account.

"Making deposits in your emotional bank account creates powerful assets that help you conquer the chaos and achieve the success you want." -Scott Martineau.


At KORE we get a lot of people who recognize that they need to exercise and make their muscles strong to be healthier,  we also talk a lot about eating in healthier ways to clean up your body on the inside.  But what about your mind and spirit?  What are you doing to grow and strengthen your emotional bank account so to say?    We are KORE Wellness for the very reason that we believe that in order to be truly healthy, you have to have ALL of the components of Wellness functioning properly.  Most of us drift through our days, doing everything for everyone else and never doing anything for ourselves besides the occasional cookie binge or shopping spree.  What if you could do something for yourself that created a positive OVERALL wellness instead of doing something that helps you feel better emotionally but hurts your budget or your waistline? So how do you do this? Well the miracle morning group is rocking this out but there is not reason that you can't do it as well on a smaller scale... Here are some suggestions for things you can do.  
  1. Every month, interview yourself and ask the following questions: Why do I want this dream/goal?  Is my success worth the hard work I will have to put towards my goal? What success have I seen so far?  How can I get more of that success so that my dream/goal can become what I envisioned?
  2. Talk to other people who are actively chasing their dreams/goals.  Listening to other people discuss their dreams will rekindle the flame on your own dreams.
  3. Keep reading books that will help lead you towards your dream and follow these tips.  Read your book when you travel (on the plane, in the hotel room, waiting in the airport).  Read only one book at a time, have the discipline to finish one before starting another.  Don't let a book last longer than a month.
  4. Seek out applicable quotes.  Pinterest is a great place to find quotes.  Take screen shots of them and scroll through them when you are feeling less motivated.
  5. Read inspirational stories, they are everywhere.  Seek them out and listen to what other people have accomplished in along the path to achieving their goals.
  6. Reward yourself along the way.  Don't hold out on rewards until you achieve your goal/dream.  Pick milestones along the way and reward yourself for hitting them.  This will keep you very motivated and keep your achievements in the forefront of your mind.
  7. Create a morning routing that is yours and yours alone (we have been doing the miracle morning as a template the last few weeks and the result has been amazing!).  Make your morning routine as much as a priority as eating or sleeping.  Use meditation, positive thoughts, reading, exercising, and visualization to fill up your time with things that benefit you and challenge you to continue growing as a person.
  Elise Matthews

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