Want to be more successful? Just change these two little words.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for” - Anonymous


Last week we talked about self-doubt and how to reprogram thinking about your goals by approaching them as you would if you were worrying about a problem.  If you didn’t have a chance to read it, check it out here. This week I want to address the “I cant’s” that come up in our everyday life.  What if instead of thinking about all of those situations as “I can’t because…”, you changed two little words and re-framed your thought process to be “I can if…”? My most successful clients think this way.  Instead of allowing a situation to be stopped completely by thinking, “I can’t because…, they consider it a challenge to find out a way around the obstacle by saying “I can if…” Take this example, I have my son with me all weekend and would really like to do some training for the mud run that we have coming up.  Normally I would do it on a Saturday or Sunday.  This week I can’t do either of those days, so I could just say that I can’t do mud run training because I have Tucker this weekend and let that be the excuse that stops my progress dead in the tracks.  Instead, I’ve found a solution where I can do my training if I switch my training to Friday afternoon before Tat and the Nanny leave for her 3-day road trip. Think about situations where you can take your “I can’t because…” thoughts and turn them into “I can if…“ How can you make yourself more successful by changing just two little words?

Elise Matthews

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