What is K.O.R.E. Wellness Fitness?
K.O.R.E. stands for Kinetically Optimal Resistance Exercise for Wellness. We are a training facility dedicated to those who are looking to achieve the active and healthy life they thought existed only in their dreams. At K.O.R.E. we stay up to date with the latest exercise science and best training methods so we make the most effective training program for our clientele. WE also understand that healthy incorporates much more than just fitness, we work with all of our clients to develop a well rounded approach to health with Nutrition, stress management, sleep management, and much much more. It doesn't matter whether you are already fit and looking for something different, recovering from an injury, or just looking to move and feel better, we have the ability to train all.

Where is your training facility?
We are located off of Rosewood Dr near Assembly St. in Columbia, SC. Coming from downtown Columbia on ASSEMBLY ST, you will take a LEFT onto ROSEWOOD DR. Immediately after making the left hand turn get into the left lane and make your first left onto EAST BROADWAY ST. We are located in the brick building immediately on your right.

Do I need experience or some minimal level of fitness?
You do not. The first thing you will do when you come in to sign up for classes will be to get set up for an initial screening. This screening is designed to give us an idea of what your current health and functional movement level is. From your screen, we will give guidance as to what we think are the best options for you to get started. Because your safety and our company policy of "first do no harm" are extremely important to us, we may restrict you from certain classes and activities for a certain period of time. This is for your protection because it is impossible to grow when you are sidelined with an injury from starting something before your body is ready for it. We will, however, do everything in our power to get you into your desired class as soon as possible by doing follow up assessments to track your growth and progress.

I have / am recovering from an injury. Is there something for me at KORE Wellness?
Absolutely. Working with people recovering from injury, or surgery is what we are known for!  We work with many people with a history of chronic pain and those recovering from some form of injury. The most important thing to do for chronic pain or after an injury is design a training program that looks to eliminate any possible compensations that can either cause chronic pain or come up after an injury from the body shifting or being restricted in some motion. Consider the right assessment and program design a way to keep from adding insult to injury. We want your body to be back in balance before we start loading it with exercise so you don't develop other pain issues or injuries. Keep in mind that most of our clients who score below a 9 on our movement screen are recommended for small group, private, or semi private training as the issues are too complex to manage safely in a class setting.

I am really fit and would like to skip the assessment, can I do that?
It is our goal to make sure that not only everyone has a safe training experience at KORE Wellness, but they grow in their awareness of their bodies as well. Our assessments help to alert people fit and sedentary on possible weaknesses or asymmetries that affect their body and help them find balance. For example, some very strong people tend to have mobility issues that lead to muscle pulls, some very flexible people wind up being plagued with joint stability issues, and those with asymmetries have a wide variety of issue arise the most common being low back pain.

What if I can't fit the classes I want into my schedule, can I do a private session?
We offer some of the best personal training in Columbia as well as the most effective group training Columbia has to offer for those who wish to have more individual attention or personalized training. We can tailor personal training sessions to fit your schedule and goals. We also offer group sessions at a lower rate for those who desire more personalized training but not necessarily the individual attention. A group training session means that your trainer is working with you but may have other people working with him/her at the same time.

Can I just come in and workout on my own?
We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients receive specialized training for their individual needs and are doing it in an environment that allows them to be safe and have help. We enjoy the feedback we have gotten about our training facility and policies. Our clients love knowing that we have already put the science and thought into their training program so they do not have to.
We do however offer this as a perk to our VIP members.  We believe that those who work hard and show up consistently should be rewarded.  After one year as a member, we invite select individuals to our very small VIP program, these members have the ability to come in and do their training outside of regular class times. 

What do I need to bring?
For most classes, wear low-soled shoes and clothes you can move in. Bring a water bottle, we strive everyday to be as environmentally friendly as possible!  We have a filtered water station for you to refill your water bottle.

Do you have showers?
We do. We have two stalls in each bathroom but you will need to bring your own towel and toiletries.

Do you have to buy the required equipment for the martial arts classes?
No, we have boxing gloves and wraps that you can borrow while you are trying out the class.  We do recommend that if you plan to come regularly you buy your own wraps and gloves.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes. For private training sessions we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you miss your session, you will have an opportunity to fit your missed session in somewhere else in the week. If you cannot find a time to reschedule you will be charged for the missed session.

I heard that you offer a money back guarantee, is that true?
We know our programs work so we DO offer a money back guarantee. In your initial assessment we will go over with you, your goals and what it will take for you to reach those goals. If after 30 days of you following the program we have designed for you, you don’t look or feel better, we will refund you your money.

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