Overcoming Procrastination


“Nothing is so fatiguing as the external hanging on of an uncompleted task” –William James

We are all guilty of putting those things we hate doing on the back burner, convincing ourselves that we will do it later.  In the book Eat That Frog, author Brian Tracy advises the opposite. He explains that getting things done in the morning takes away the mental strain of avoiding something that you know you need to do.  It is the idea that if you complete the “hardest” task of your day first and get it out of the way, you can create momentum for the day.   With your hardest take behind you the rest of your day becomes more productive because you aren’t avoiding that dreaded thing. 

At KORE Wellness, we strongly advise that our clients get their workouts completed early in the morning.  This is ESPECIALLY true if you wake up every morning you’re scheduled for a training session dreading the workout.  You know you need it and it is helping you get to your goals but it’s hard and you dread it.  It is much less exhausting dreading a workout for 30 minutes than dreading it for 8 hours of work.  If you are struggling making it to the gym after work and you haven’t tried exercising early in the morning, I highly recommend it.  Once you get over the initial fatigue of changing your schedule, you’ll find putting your workout behind you early in the day to be a wonderful thing!

lise Matthews

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