Don't judge a book by it's cover

When looking for the next blossoming heavy weight champion boxer, the experts use physical measurements to identify the "naturals".  They look at the size of the hands, length of the arms, the width of the chest, and the height to judge the potential success of the athlete. A lot of sports look at physical measurements of athletes as a reliable gauge to determine whether that particular athlete will be a success in their sports.  Next, they look at skill.

Muhammad Ali failed the measurements, he boxed all wrong.  Muggsy Bogues was five foot three, Michael Jordan was cut from his high school varsity team, Babe Ruth was not a good hitter and highly inconsistent early in his career.  Jackie Joyner Kerssee finished last place more often than not when she started competing in track & field events.

What did these "non natural" all-star athletes have then?  They had a mindset that saw beyond their own physical limitations and weakness.   With consistent effort and the right mindset, the impossible was in fact, possible. Their mindset made up for the physical endowments they lacked and their consistent effort brought with it a new set of skills they needed to crush the competition, regardless of how much of a "natural" they were.

Next time you're fighting an uphill battle with your goals or dreams, think about these athletes. Change your mindset, put forth a consistent effort, and prove what you already know: the cover of the book barely touches the surface of the content that is hidden inside.

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