Rehashing the Dynamic Warm up Part 4: Inverted Touch


Rehashing the Dynamic Warm up Part 4: Inverted touch


The objective of the inverted touch is to actively mobilize the hamstrings and fire up the stabilizers of the ankle and knee in the process. Hamstrings become short and stiff with chronic sitting as well as repetitive motions like running or jumping, it is vital to your overall movement to focus on keeping them mobile.


1.     Start with your legs together, get your balance on your right leg. 

2.     Making a straight line from ear to left ankle, bend at the waist reaching your hands towards the ground as you raise your left heel up to the sky.

3.     When you feel a stretch, return to standing position by contracting the muscles of your hamstrings and glutes and keeping a straight spine

4.     Step forward with the left leg once you return to an upright positon and alternate sides

Coaching Tips:                                                                                                                            

·       Try to maintain a straight line from your ear through your hip, knee, and ankle.

·       You should feel the stretch in the hamstring on the back side of the standing leg

·       Try to keep your balance without relying on the ground to support your hands in the down positon.

·       Don’t round your back.

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