Introduction to Stand up! ...for your health


It seems like everyone who comes to KORE these days is having or has had one of the following aches or pains: knee, back, hip, shoulder, or neck.  And although we work constantly with our clients to get them out of pain then keep them out of pain, our work is many times thwarted by the things our clients are doing in the other 165 hours of their week.   The main culprit is sitting. 

Sitting is killing our posture and forcing muscles that aren’t supposed to be used to hold us up.  The implications are that almost everyone suffers from some sort of chronic pain.  Not just adults!  We are seeing a terrifying increase in young adults coming in with similar issues.  Sitting is not only creating chronic pain, but it is also destroying our bodies from the inside with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and death!   Before it kills us, it is slowly killing our cognitive and physical performance. 

Next week will start our Stand up!  ..For your health series which is designed to provide some insight into the dangers of chronic sitting and some strategies for breaking out of a 9-5 sitting habit to not only reduce your chronic pain but improve your overall health.   Here is an overview of what we will be discussing:

  • The effect of movement on the brain and cognitive function
  • Guidelines that can be easily applied to your current situation to provide dramatic improvements in your health.
  • The most common poor postures stemming from chronic sitting and their side effects
  • How our posture should look
  • How we should look when moving (walking, sitting, squatting, etc)
  • Guidelines for how to set up your work space
  • How you should sit or stand at your desk
  • Tips for traveling (either by car or plane)
  • Some range of motion guidelines.
  • And finally a 14 day mobility challenge.


Enjoy your last few days sitting at your desk because your life as you know it is about to change… for the better.  See you next week!


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