Guidelines for transitioning to a stand up desk

Guidelines for transitioning to a stand up desk


If you have a stand up desk or the ability to get one, then you are clearly aware that it is a far better alternative to the traditional desk set up.  If you have a stand up desk then you know that the transition isn’t as easy as switching to standing one day after having accumulated thousands of hours sitting.  If you haven’t transitioned yet but you are planning on doing so, be aware that the transition will take some time and you will be much more successful. 


With the ultimate goal in the transitioning to be to eliminate as much optional sitting in your life as possible, if you just switch to standing you will find yourself exhausted at the end of the day with aching feet, legs, hips, and back. 


Follow these guidelines for transitioning:

  • Start by standing for about 20 minutes every hour, it doesn’t have to be 20 minutes straight either you can break it up as you need.


  • Once you can stand for 20 minutes without your muscles screaming at you, then progress to 30 minutes


  • If you don’t want to sit for the other half but find your body needs a break from standing, get a tall bar stool that you can lean back on to take some weight off your feet and break up the standing or put a small stool under your desk so you between alternate standing on one leg.


  • Remember, this is going to be a habit forming transition, so take your time and before you know it you’ll be standing at the desk all day.


Next we’ll discuss standing desk set up…  But in the meantime, whether you are standing or sitting for your work day, check out this take 2 video which shows you 10 simple mobility breaks that you can incorporate throughout your day to get your blood flowing, make you more productive, and reduce the stiffness.

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