Standing desk set up

Since standing at work is a far superior option compared to sitting, it makes sense that next we need to discuss how to set up your standing work station.  Kelly Starrett does a great job of explaining everything in his new book “Deskbound”:


Desk:  Your standing desk should allow you to set up your monitor, keyboard and mouse to the proper heights that give you good mechanics


Monitor:  The top of screen on the monitor up should line up with your eyes when you are standing comfortably.  It should be set up around 20-30 inches away from your face so you can see the whole screen without moving your head.


Keyboard and Mouse set up should be arranged so that your forearms are parallel to the floor when your shoulders are organized in the right position (see this video)


Other things to consider:

Shoes: Barefoot is always the best option but if that is impossible, try to avoid high heels, dress shoes that are stiff and restrictive, and flip flops whenever you can.

Floor:  If you stand on a hard surface, think about either an anti-fatigue mat or a shoe with a decent cushion.  I stand barefoot on a thin rug that is on top of a concrete floor, after transitioning to an anti-fatigue mat, my feet thanked me!


Footstool, Rail, or Bar:  I started doing this without realizing what I was doing until I read about it.  I have a stool under my desk that I will alternate putting one shin up on as I work.  Having a surface to elevate and place your foot unloads your spine and makes it easier to stand for longer periods of time.  Something that reaches the middle of your shin is good to put your foot on.   


Stool:  You can use a bar stool with a hard seat to lean against if you need a rest from standing.

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