When chronic sitting leads to pain and stiffness:

When chronic sitting leads to pain and stiffness:


It’s inevitable, chronic sitting will eventually lead to having to resolve pain and limited range of motion.  This requires a systematic approach that puts the solution together into manageable components.  Ideally your mobility prescription should include:


Upon waking:  This is a great time to get your body moving a full range of motion, joint mobility work is excellent


Through out the day: Finding ways to add myofascial release or mobility into your day in small chunks goes a long way to keeping issues from resurfacing


Before exercise: You need to do mobility work to warm up your body for exercise and dynamic movements.  Going from eight hours in a chair to walking lunges is not a great idea for anyone.


After exercise:  This is the perfect time to do some range of motion work, your body is warm and prepped for quality range of motion work.


Before bed / TV time: Myofascial work in front of the tv is a great way to wind down at the end of the day.


Check out the video for a specific example: Template for hamstring mobility Work

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