Nutrition coaching at KORE

Nutrition coaching at KORE


To get a basic idea of how our nutrition program works we’ve put together a basic overview:


Your schedule:

The curriculum is a full year, divided into 2-week habit blocks like “Eat Slowly” and “Make Smart Carb choices”



  • Click the email in your inbox, log on to your personal home page
  • Read the lesson
  • Review your habit for the day


  • Measure and record your progress


Every 2 weeks:

  • Get a new habit to practices



  • Upload photos as part of your progress tracking



  • Lessons are like blog articles – short, informative pieces that ask questions, offer ideas, and explain why we’re doing something, etc.
  • Each lesson ends with “What to do today”, clearly describing the next steps are for you.
    • They tell you what to know
    • Explain why the habit is important
    • Give suggestions on how to do a given habit





  • Some lessons have assignments, these are detailed questions designed to get you thinking, imagining, processing, and reflecting on the lessons. 
  • Answering a question or two at the end of a lesson helps the lesson material stick and encourages you to actively engage with the material rather than just passively scrolling through it


  • Habits are small daily tasks to do.  You will only be asked to do one habit at a time, although the idea is that every 2 weeks you simply add a new habit to the older ones, rather than abandoning the old habits altogether.
  • Habits progress sequentially, one after the other.  We start with the most fundamental things first, then build on them.
  • Habits have a particular order for a reason.  We want to ensure the habit is in place before progressing. 



Concrete, practical, prescriptive habits come first. 

Knowing what to do and how to do it for the first several of months gives you a clear structure and a system, and removes uncertainty.  Midway through the habits will become more open ended, then progress to completely open ended as you develop the skills and competence to take the reigns.

Hard and easy habits are mixed up so you aren’t constantly asked to do difficult things.

Some habits are stretch or experiment habits and some are forever habits.  For example, eat slowly will be a forever habit whereas drink only/mostly calorie-free beverages will be a stretch habit.  The idea is to try something that pushes your boundaries for 2 weeks, expand your skills, and see what you learn in the process of stretching or experimenting.


If you are ready to 10x your results at KORE, we highly recommend our nutrition coaching program.  We have two options, PRO Coach:a self paced program where we monitor and support you as you progress through the program.  The second option, PRO Coach Plus, includes weekly coaching sessions for those who understand that they will need more individual support on their journey.   

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