“Aging is out of your control. How you handle it though, is in your hand.” Diane Von Furstenberg

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This study highlights that fact that as we age it becomes so very important to make sure that we can move well. Too often I see older individuals get stuck in a cycle where they can move well from a chair or bed but they struggle to get on an off the floor. At KORE Wellness we don’t use weight benches and everyone has to get on the floor to do exercises. After reading this study I am more convinced than ever that we are doing the right thing but forcing people to get up and down of the floor. We are adding years back on to our clients lives!

There was a test developed in the 1990s that when used in a study consisting of 2002 adults aged 51-80 was able to give researchers accurate information regarding the participants risk of death within a 6 year period. In 2012 a group of researchers in Brazil published their study in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention.

The researchers instructed the participants to try and sit up with the least amount of support that they believe necessary, and not worry about their speed. The the participants were scored both on their ability to sit and rise out. For each time the participants used support from their hand, knee or other part of their body the researchers would subtract a point. A ½ point deduction was taken for unsteady balance. A total composite score out of 10 was assigned to them which would determine which category or group they belonged to. The categories were as follows:

  • C1, 0-3 points
  • C2, 3.5-5.5 points
  • C3, 6-7.5 points
  • C4, 8-10) points

After controlling for gender, age, and body mass index, the individuals in the C1 category were 5-6 times more likely to die within the next 6 year period than those in the C4 category. Participants scoring in the below an 8 were 2 to 5 times had mortality rates that were 2 to 5 times higher than those in the 8-10 point (C4) category. The researchers also noted that a 1 point increment in the score was related to a 21% reduction in mortality!

So now it is time for you to try the test and report back:

  • Ideally you should be barefoot and in non restrictive clothing
  • Do not worry about the speed of movement
  • Try to sit and then to rise from the floor using the minimum support that you believe is needed
  • Partial scores begin with a maximum of 5 points, separately fro sitting and rising.
  • One point is subtracted for each support utilized (hand, forearm, knee, lateral side of the thigh, or one hand on the knee or thigh)
  • An additional 0.5 point is subtracted if an unsteady execution (uncontrolled decent to the floor or partial loss of balance)
  • Crossing the legs for either sitting or rising from the floor is allowed.