Sun Exposure Series: The ugly truth.

Written by Jared Kauffman.


The food I eat can protect me from the damaging effects of the sun???


     Yes.  The things you eat have an effect on your bodies built in sun protection!


There are some foods you can make sure are present in your diet to boost your body’s natural protection.  These are based around antioxidants that will counteract the harmful substances produced by excessive sunlight. 

Included in this are

  • omega 3
  • resveratrol from blueberries and red grapes,
  • astaxanthin from wild salmon and fish oil,
  • supplemental vitamin E
  • Beta carotene from carrots and red bell peppers. 


There are also foods that tend to make your bodies system worse. 

 The  biggest one of these is sugar(yes, sugar will always be in the "Has Harmful Effects" category). 

You can read more about this at Bulletproof( 


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