Want to know the #1 thing to keep your brain healthy?

Written by Elise Matthews

Quite a few research studies have been published recently showing this to be the best all-natural way to improve your mood, memory, and prevent the cognitive decline that comes with aging. 


Two new studies published this spring, suggests that any type of this particular thing has a “significant, overwhelmingly beneficial impact on the brain. 


On the edge of your seat with anticipation???


Well the answer is….



Get Moving! 


Any type of exercise that gets your heart rate elevated, gets you sweating (no problem here at KORE Wellness!) and gets you moving for a sustained period of time is equally as beneficial to your brain as it is to your heart, bones, muscles, etc.  Shocking.


The research has shown that movement in the form of physical activity can have an immediate impact on your mood, however the benefits to your memory require a more sustained, consistent effort.  Those benefits show up around 3-4 weeks after starting to do physical activity consistently.


Over 50? 

A study published in the British Journal in April of this year concluded that the best results come from a combination of aerobic and resistance exercise.  Make sure you’re diversifying your workouts to include both!  Another study published last month suggests that if your over the age of 60, walking for 30 minutes 4 days a week for a period of 3 months strengthens the connectivity in an area of the bran where weakened connections have been linked with memory loss.


Click here to read the entire article written by Erin Browdin with Business Insider


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