Obesity epidemic: Tips for making healthy choices when eating out.

Written by Elise Matthews

After last week’s blog on discussing the massive amounts of calories in restaurant foods, it is all to easy to see what eating out does to your waistline.

Average American eats out    4-5 times per week

Average calories in meal        1500-2000 calories

Average daily metabolic rate`1450-1600 calories/day

 It’s not too hard to look at these numbers and see that we are consuming in 5 meals our caloric equivalent of our weekly intake. Eating out is an inevitable part of a lot of people’s lives, avoiding it altogether while a great idea, isn’t the best strategy.  It’s important to know how to make better choices at restaurants as well as know what the major caloric culprits in restaurant meals are.  It would be borderline wellness coach malpractice to not give you some strategies for avoiding consuming 1 ½ of your daily calories in one meal at a restaurant.  This PDF download is a resource that we provide our nutrition clients, it provides 11 tips to consider when eating out.

11 Tips for making healthy meal choices when eating out




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