Do the right thing

Core Value #1: Integrity --> Do the right thing.

What it means:

  • Take ownership of your results
  • Be honest with yourself and others
  • Follow the Golden Rule
  • Be the same regardless of the situation

What it doesn’t mean:

  • Fail to follow through on your commitments
  • Shift Blame
  • Pass Judgement
  • Slack off when no one’s watching.

How does Do the right thing apply to you? 

When you join KORE Wellness, you usually come to us because you want to achieve a goal and you need our help.  We understand that the path to achieve your goal is not easy.  If it was, you wouldn’t need us!  We also understand that in order for you to be successful, you must be committed to Do the right thing.  It’s very hard to help you achieve your goals if you won’t follow through on your commitments whether that be showing up to your sessions, doing your homework, or executing your monthly action item.  If you are making excuses for your lack of commitment, only working hard or doing your work when someone is watching, or not doing unto others as you want them to do to you, it will be impossible for us to help you achieve your goals.

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