Foster a growth mindset

Foster a Growth Mindset

What it means:

Clarify goals and expectations
Speak kindly to yourself
Use failure as information
Version 1.0 is better than Version 0.


What it doesn’t mean:

Poor or no direction.
Negative self talk.
Believe skill is inherent.
Choose perfection over progress.


Carol Dweck wrote a life changing book called Mindset.  In this book she talks about the limitless power of having a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset.  Since reading this book, I have changed the way I talk to myself, my kids, and the members of our KORE family.  I find that we too often shoot ourselves in the foot before we can even start the race because of our mindset.  Fostering a growth mindset means that we clarify our goals and expectations so we not only can share them with our support team, but also get feedback and encouragement as we go.  Fostering a growth mindset means that we are our number one fan and we don’t let our inner thoughts sabotage our progress.   It means that we don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to get started.  It also means that if we try something one way and we don’t have success, that we go back to the drawing board and find a NEW way to approach the problem.

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