Focus on Quality of Life

Core Value #5: Focus on QUALITY of Life

What it means:

  • Healthy body inside and out
  • Move well first
  • Improvement in all 7 dimensions of wellness
  • Slow progress for long term growth

What it doesn’t mean:

  • Ignoring warning signs
  • Sacrificing health for gains
  • Not diversifying
  • Failure to investigate underlying issues


A lot of times people mess up our name and call us KORE Fitness but there is a very specific reason I chose KORE Wellness for our name.   I wanted to create a place where people could come and address the multiple aspects of wellness that ultimately lead to a healthier life.  You can go to any gym in Columbia and get a workout that challenges you, but the challenging workout is the tip of the wellness iceberg.  There is so much more to achieving health than just busting out a hard workout and that’s why our last core value is about QUALITY of life. 

Wellness encompasses more than what the body looks like on the outside.  We are thrilled to hear stories about our clients getting off prescription drugs, getting out of the chronic pain cycle, learning to shut the TV off at 9 and start a bedtime ritual that gives them 7+ hours of sleep, taking their foam roller or lacrosse ball on a trip, asking for help with eating tips when going out to eat, or coming to a trainer to address a pain issue instead of ignoring it and pushing through a workout. 

These things are ultimately the keys that lead to long term success.  In our modern “shiny object” world we are convinced by the media and marketers that there’s a fitness or diet solution out there that will solve all of our problems.  It just isn’t true.  The cold, hard truth is much less sexy.  Mastery of these concepts are ultimately what leads to an improvement in QUALITY of life:

  1. Start from the bottom, fix movement issues like restrictions and asymmetries first.
  2. Stick with the fundamental strategies until you master them and can do them consistently.  Things like:
    • develop a good sleep ritual
    • eat mostly whole foods
    • stop eating when you are 80% full.
    • focus on proper exercise technique.
    • find strategies to manage your stress levels.
    • move more / sit less

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