Murph Training: The Run

The Run.

This is probably the most difficult, as there are entire books written about running technique.  You can talk to 10 different professionals and hear something a little different each time. 

  • To start, focus on your posture.  Spine should be neutral, head and shoulders in line and not slumped forward. 
  • The landing of the foot should be toward the toes, where the muscles of the foot and calf absorb the shock and not the joints.  The foot should also be close to the boys center of mass and not way out in front. 
  • Forward propulsion should be done by pulling the foot back using hamstrings, not pushing with the quads. 
  • Abs and the rest your core should work to integrate everything involved with the running stride. This is a full body movement, with lots of stabilization required. 


  • If you have pain: The majority of pain caused by running weather its foot, knee, hip, etc, can be linked using the wrong muscles, or running in the wrong position.  First, focus on technique, and while your doing that, work on mobility. Use foam rollers, lax ball, Voodoo band, etc to release tight muscles and relieve pain.  Ask a trainer for help figuring out which muscles to focus on!
  • If you have never really been a runner: Start slow, and work up by alternating walking and running during your workouts.  Just because in the past you haven't run much, doesn't mean you can't start now!


Like always, we are always here to help you. If you have a question, or need help with technique don't hesitate to ask! 

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