From desk jockey with constant chronic pain to a life without limits. Member of the Month Robert Davis's Story.

From desk jockey with constant chronic pain to a life without limits.  Member of the Month Robert Davis's Story.


What Elise has to say about Robert:  

Robert came in to see us on a 5 session personal training package that his wife had bought him in a Christmas flash sale.  Off the bat, our primary focus was to address shoulder and hip pain that had been keeping him from being able to run. Robert had slowly developed tightness and restrictions in his body with an increased sedentary lifestyle due to a career that kept him behind a computer screen from 9-5.  

Over time, those restrictions had turned from stiffness to pain and our primary focus was to start to regain some mobility and reduce the chronic pain. After the five sessions with me, Robert decided to do Semi-private training to continue to improve his mobility, posture and pain.   Over the year, Robert diligently followed the programs we set for him, initially very basic and more like therapy. From those beginning sessions, he slowly progressed to where he finished his last personalized program with exercises like double front squats and turkish get-ups (things his body would have not liked when he first came to KORE)! Robert moved from the individualized programming of Semi-private training to group classes in February and hasn’t looked back.  

The beginning of Robert’s story is one that we hear about frequently:

  • incredibly busy job that requires the majority of time spent at a desk
  • almost constant chronic pain that puts limits on a lot of types of physical activity
  • the feeling of frustration at not knowing where to turn or what to do
  • the fear creeping into the back of your brain that that these limitations might be permanent.

What we don’t see as frequently is the dedication to success that Robert has and the patience and perseverance that he showed as he slowly returned his body to a functional, pain free state.  Now that Robert’s limitations have been erased, I’m excited to see what fun challenges he decides to pursue!

Want to find out more about Robert’s journey from his own words?  Check out his responses below!

How did you originally hear about us?

My wife used KORE to help her recover from a surgery and she recommended that I join because of the back and hip issues I was having.

What prompted you to seek us out once hearing about us?

My wife bought me a membership for a few months for Christmas, and I decided to give it a shot.

What was your initial goal when you signed up with us?

I was hoping to improve the pain and muscle issues in my back and hips, I knew I had issues but I was not sure what they were. So any improvement was a success to me.

What was holding you back from achieving this goal (before you joined)?

I really didn’t know what workouts to do or what actions could improve my quality of life. I think I was afraid to ask for help.

Has this goal changed since you joined KORE Wellness?  If yes, what is your new goal?

In the year plus since I have joined KORE I have improved to the point that I can get through a whole day and never feel the pain I used to. It is so amazing to go through a day and not feel your body is limiting your enjoyment.  Now I want to change my body composition and get that body I never had in college.


Now that you’re working on/have achieved this goal, has your view of yourself changed?

I no longer doubt myself or feel the need to make up excuses for not enjoying life.  I feel like the only things that can limit me anymore are my attitude and my willingness to try new things.

How do you feel about your future health?

I now feel that every year I get older, I can now be in better shape than the year before.

What have you liked best about working with us?

I have enjoyed the bonding with the staff, the new people I get to meet and the challenges that each workout provides me.  So basically everything.

What would you say to someone who is struggling with the same goal(s)?

Have patience with yourself and the workouts, it takes time to learn how to use muscles or movements you have never used before. Trust that in time, the results will come to you as long as you never give up.

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