Travel Well - 3 Strategies to consider when eating on vacation

Travel Well - 3 Strategies to consider when eating on vacation

When travelling or on vacation, most people struggle with sticking with choices that will help keep them on track towards their overall goals in the face of so many options that are quite the opposite.  The cards are very much stacked in favor of what we call Red light foods, the foods that you love, don’t lead you toward your goals, and know you will eat way too much of! I can distinctly remember my frustration being in the Caribbean on vacation and struggling to find a vegetable to eat instead of what seemed to be an endless supply of french fries.   In the majority of destinations, the resorts and restaurants know very well that the trend on vacation is to abandon all self-discipline and restraint and eat in the same fashion because after all, you’re on vacation! Correspondingly, you’ll find that the majority of beach bars, resort restaurants, and airport kiosks cater to that exact thought process. It’s the most simple form of demand and supply.  

For a travel well challenge, we went into a lot more detail but we wanted to share our top three things to consider to keep you on track to achieving your goals while travelling.  

These are the conversations you need to have with yourself BEFORE you start your vacation or trip.

  1. Decide whether you will stick to your healthy habits or take a temporary break.   Either decision is fine, as long as you have made a conscious choice.  Our objective is not to make you feel guilty for enjoying that local donut shop reviewed on Diners, drive-ins, and dives!  We want you to make conscious decisions about what your plan of action will be then hold yourself accountable to those decisions.

  2. Start to think about your food decisions along a spectrum - How you can aim for “better” choices instead of “perfect” choices?  Thinking this way helps you avoid the “I’ve already cheated on my diet so I might as well just blow the whole thing” mentality.   There are always levels of choices to make that fall onto a spectrum of health. There are always choices that make your decisions of what to eat healthier, it’s up to you to consider what they could be and make a decision based on what will help keep you on track towards your goals, not the “perfect decision.

  1. Start to think about your minimums - For example, once you look over your travel itinerary, maybe your minimum since you’re staying in an AirBnB and can cook is that you commit to having a healthy breakfast every morning.  Maybe your minimum is that you eat a vegetable at 2 out of 3 meals each day. Maybe your minimum is that you have 2 meals consisting of only protein, fat, and vegetables everyday. It’s up to you, but it’s an important thing to consider and make sure that it’s realistic!   If you realize while traveling that you set your minimums too high, just adjust to a more realistic expectation and go from there instead of abandoning minimums altogether.

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