Travel well - 3 Strategies to consider about exercising on vacation

Travel well - 3 Strategies to consider about exercising on vacation

Travel well - 3 Strategies to consider about exercising on vacation

Written by Kristen Simon

Exercise is at the heart of what we do at KORE. While it’s totally fine to take a break from working out - recovery is a part of a healthy life - maybe you want to stick to your exercise routine while on vacation.

Now, sure, it’s easy enough to google travel workouts, or for us to provide you with some (we already have some on the YouTube page!), but actually making those workouts happen...that’s another story. We want to get at the heart of what makes exercising while traveling so difficult for some folks, and what we can do to change that.

So take a minute and reflect on your last vacation (or business trip, or weekend).

  • How did you spend your time?

  • What did you do during the day?

  • Were you active?

  • How’d you feel when you came home?

  • Did you feel like you’d taken a step back in your training? More importantly, did you feel guilty about missing workouts?

I’m willing to bet that for most of us, the answer is yes - and there is an associated feeling of guilt, like you took a step back,  wish you had moved more, and possibly frustrated with going through this cycle every time you travel! Here are the two biggest culprits of why most of us struggle with maintaining some form of exercise or workout homeostasis when we travel:

  1. When you’re traveling, or even on the weekend, you’re off your normal schedule, your normal routine. We’re creatures of habit: generally we wake up, eat, work, exercise, and sleep at the same times, every day (every weekday at least). That’s what throws us off on vacation: we’re up later, so we sleep in later. Meals are served to us, or enjoyed with others, so we eat at a different time. And our days revolve around planned activities and outings, so it’s easy to feel like we don’t have time to fit in a workout.

  2. There’s another reason you may skip your workout on vacation: you think of vacation as a break from everything. From work, from your day-to-day life, from responsibilities, and from doing the things you normally do at home. Now, there’s some value to be had in taking a break, absolutely. But spend some time reflecting on why exercise is a part of your life to begin with.

So how do you break the cycle????

  1. Make sure that you research what you’ll have access to before you go. If you’re staying in a hotel, will it have a gym? What kind of equipment is there? If you’re not staying at a gym, what are your options? Are there any parks or other free open spaces you could use? Or are you limited to what’s in your hotel room?

  2. Take a minute to ask yourself: What is my minimum? We talked about this with diet, but it’s applicable to exercise as well. Maybe your minimum is to get at least 7,000 steps every day. Maybe it’s to stretch for 10 minutes every morning. Maybe your minimum is three workouts during your week-long trip. Whatever your minimum is, be realistic with yourself, and set that goal ahead of time. That way, while you’re on your trip, you can feel confident in knowing that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do, instead of feeling guilty about not working out ‘enough.’

  3. Figure out what kind of workouts you want to do. Maybe you’re visiting a city that’s known for great hiking. Or, maybe you’re near the water and want to give kayaking or paddle-boarding a try. Remember that a workout doesn’t have to happen in a gym, and it doesn’t have to look a certain way! Get moving, and have fun doing it!

If you’re looking for something in line with what you’ve been doing at KORE, head to our

YouTube page for some travel workout ideas.

Staying a hotel with no equipment? Head to the stairwell!

  • Run up one flight of stairs + 5 Squats + :15 Plank in push-up position + 5 Push-ups + Walk down the stairs.

  • Two flights + 10 Squats + 2x:15 Plank in push-up position + 10 Push-ups + Walk back

  • Three flights + 15 Squats + 3x:15 Plank in push-up position + 15 Push-ups + Walk back. Ladder up as high as you want!

Need a modification? Walk instead of run, do a :30 wall sit instead of squat, and do the plank and push-ups on the wall instead of on the ground.

Want a rest and recovery week?  Recovery is a crucial part of the process, and taking a week off can be incredibly beneficial. If that’s the route you choose to take, good for you! I’d encourage you to include some morning or evening stretches, to really get the most out of your recovery week. Not sure what stretches to do? We’ve shared our ‘Joint Mobility Warm-up’ video on YouTube - check it out!

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