3 Keys to incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle after a challenge

3 Keys to incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle after a challenge

Written by Elise Matthews


We’re wrapping up our July member’s challenge which was all about committing to consistency and as this month comes to an end, I’m presented with the challenge of how to continue to maintain the habit once the challenge and public tracking is over.  The fact of the matter is that it is easy to commit to a challenge because it has an end date. It is even easier still to keep up with the challenge when there is a public accountability piece after all, who wants to be the only kid in class who didn’t turn in a homework assignment?   

Once the challenge is over is when the TRUE challenge begins, you KNOW that it’s something you need to do, you know that you’ve already done it for 3 weeks so it SHOULD be easy to continue but….

If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a hundred times by now.  The momentum from a challenge is almost impossible for most people to sustain and the fact is, that’s ok!  Challenges are exactly that, a push, an opportunity to break out of one habit into something that is a little bit healthier.  

Ok, so now what is the plan once the challenge is over?  I’ve been brainstorming about challenges where I actually stuck with the habit afterwards and I came up with three key things that I did post challenge to help me stay on track with my new healthy habits:

  1. Have a game plan ready for after the challenge with a realistic expectation that 100% compliance of the challenge is not sustainable.  Depending on where you are in your health/wellness journey choose a goal of 50-80% of what you were doing for the challenge as your game plan.  Write your game plan down. Define clearly WHAT you are going to do and WHY you are doing it. Even better, share your plan with your trainer and ask him/her to check in on you periodically.

  2. Develop the specifics of your plan.  

    1. When, what, where, how, and with whom are you going to execute the plan?   

    2. What is your contingency plan for when things don’t go as planned (because it WILL happen)?  

    3. What is your reward or pat on the back for successfully executing the plan?

  3. Use failure as information. Imagine if babies acted like adults and the first time they fell over after trying to take their first steps they said, “Oh, well…. I guess I’m just not good at walking, I’ll stick to crawling for the rest of my life.”  It’s funny but unfortunately, VERY true. As adults, the first sign of failure usually leads to abandoning the attempt altogether. Stay checked in with your game plan.  At the first sign that the game plan isn’t being executed as defined, DON’T QUIT!  Take the information that you have and figure out what isn’t working. From there brainstorm some ideas to overcome that obstacle.  Reach out to us and ask for help, we are always happy to help you brainstorm other options or ways to work around your obstacles!

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