No time? It's all about your priorities

No time?  It's all about your priorities

“Lack of time is lack of priorities” - Tim Ferris

We live in a world where everyone is rushing around frantically trying to get all of the things done and constantly complaining about being too busy or not having enough time.  Time is the great equalizer, it is one of the only things that every single person on this earth has the exact same amount of: 168 hours in a week, no more, no less.

If that’s the case, why are some people running around like chickens with their heads cut off and never have enough time and other people seem to have everything effectively managed and time to spare?  

It comes down to two very basic things:

  1. Knowing your priorities

  2. Knowing how much time is available to you

Priorities:  No one can set distinct and definitive priorities for you, but you.  Everyone’s priorities are different and what success means in your life may be completely different to what it means in someone else’s life.  So how do you determine your priorities?

Sit down ask yourself one of these two questions:

  • If you found out you had 1 week to live, and all of your affairs were in order what would you spend your time doing?

  • On your deathbed, where would you wished you had spent more  of your time?

Your priorities are YOURS, if your career is important to you and you get a lot of value from it, then add it to your list.  If time spent with pets, at church, in the wilderness are valuable to you and enhance the quality of your life, then those should go on the list.

Note: you can have a lot of priorities and that is ok, but it will be important to have them in an order of priorities.

Why is this necessary?  If you have no priorities then you have no direction in your life and can very easily get pulled into someone else’s priorities.  Knowing what is important to you, allows you to protect and prioritize your time.

Knowing how much time is available to you:

How much time do you spend doing your day-to-day activities, eating, sleeping, watching tv, commuting, working, etc.  If you don’t know how you are spending your time, you cannot know where you can make changes to get back to spending time on the things that are most important to you.  

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