The 5 step KISS Method to quality sleep

The 5 step KISS Method to quality sleep

Written By Elise Matthews.

Whether or not you decided to join in on this month's challenge.  We could always use some tips and strategies for getting a better night's sleep.  So without getting too bogged down into the details there are a 5 simple strategies that you can follow that have been scientifically proven to make for a better night of sleep.

When testing out which sleep ritual works best for you keep it simple, DON'T try to incorporate all of these habits. The goal is to get the best quality of sleep with the least amount of effort. If you are struggling or need a kick off point, try this:

  1. No intense exercise at least 2 hours before bed
  2. No caffeine after 2pm (think about your coffee, tea, and chocolate intake)
  3. Avoid bright lights and LCD screens 60 minutes before sleep
  4. Do your best to be in bed with your eyes closed before 11pm to match your body's natural circadian rhythms
  5. If you're thinking about sleep supplementation, start with a good quality dose (300-500 mg) of magnesium (it will help more than just your sleep!)

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