Member Challenge: Find your focus

Written by Elise Matthews


The new year gives us all an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and reset our focus for the next 12 months.  A lot of you are probably thinking in terms of a resolution. Like I wrote last week, resolutions are too finite and restrictive. Instead think of creating a way to improve upon some aspect of of your life in a way that is adaptable to what 2019 throws your way.  

With that being said, here’s your challenge for the month:

Step 1:  Take some time to think about what you want to focus on this year, this should be a focus to make a significant impact on one aspect of your life that you are particularly passionate about improving.  (We’re cleaning off the wall in the hall for you to write that focus down as soon as you figure it out!)

Tips for this:  

  • Your focus should be a broad category that allows you multiple areas of focus to attack from, this will keep things from getting boring and also allow you to make decisions about what you want to implement as other things in your life evolve / change.

  • Just because your focus is on one area of your life, say service for example, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t keeping a well rounded wellness approach.  Afterall, you can’t be of service to others if you’re health is poor.

Step 2: From that area of focus, create a short list of 8-10 things that you could improve in order to make a significant impact on that area of focus.

Tips for this:

  • These are more specific than your focus but still broad in the sense that this is a list of general ideas you can pull from for inspiration to create your action items each month.

  • Achieving these things on this list should help in some way to improve your area of focus.

Step 3: From that list, brainstorm one or two things you’d like to start with in order to make positive progress in January.  

Tips for this:

  • These should be measurable, make sure that you have clear way to know that you’ve achieved these actions by the end of January.

  • These can be steps to make one of the items on your list easier to accomplish.

  • These can be steps to start to achieve one of the items on your list.

Need some help?  Here’s my plan:

This year my focus is on creating a positive impact on our Family’s financial freedom.  From there I’ve created some areas where I can address my focus on our financial health over the year:

Consistent tracking of finances

Find areas to reduce wasteful spending

More realistic budgeting

Create accountability strategy for sticking to budget

Reduce debts owed by 10,000K

Maintain a zero credit card balance

Create and implement a plan to build Savings account back to 7 x monthly expenses

Use extra income from reduction of wasteful spending to increase amount of monthly investments.

From this list I can create an action plan to implement pieces of this plan, for example:

In January my plan is to focus on implementing the following:

  1. Create a 3 week cycle 6 dinner-plan to make our food spending budget as efficient as possible

  2. FINALLY get all of the family expenses into the same spreadsheet and block time for weekly expense tracking

(Want to see my meal prep plan?  Check out the pdf.)




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