The Embodiment of Grit: Sabrina Todd’s Member of the Month Story

The Embodiment of Grit: Sabrina Todd’s Member of the Month Story

The Embodiment of Grit: Sabrina Todd’s Member of the Month Story


What the staff has to say about Sabrina:


Sabrina reached out to me in the Summer of 2010 because she was training for a mud run and wanted some guidance on how to train for it without hurting herself.   Needless to say that not only did she complete that mud run but she went on to run a few more in upcoming years as well as stay on and develop a love of training with kettlebells.  

Nine years later, she’s a VIP member and the rock of the 5:30 AM crew.  Sabrina may not be our most athletic or the strongest member but she is hands down the most consistent with her training.  We’ve been through a lot together: a demanding, high stress job, the 2015 flood that stole her house away, and most recently, supporting aging mother struggling with multiple health issues.  Through it all Sabrina has shown the most indomitable spirit. We even had a phone meeting last spring when she was at her wits end to try to figure out how she could continue to get her training in on days when she just needed some extra sleep after a long night at work or when she was away caring for her mother.  

Sabrina will be the first to tell you that she doesn’t necessarily “love” working out, but she knows the benefit and has really done a good job of being proactive about her health instead of using a family history as an excuse.  

When I think of role models, it’s never the people who are just naturally good at what they do that come to mind.  I think role models are those individuals who have to step outside of their comfort zone, who fall down a lot but keep standing up, who recognize that the outcome is going to require a lot of hard work but aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty.    If you’re looking for a role model at KORE Wellness, look no further than Sabrina Todd.

Want to find out more about Sabrina’s journey from her own words?  Check out her responses below!

  • How did you originally hear about us?

I first heard about KORE from another member, Kathy Brinker Elliott.  Kathy and I were on a group walk at Riverfront Park and she was talking about you and KORE.  I was looking to train for my first mud run and she told me KORE offered mud run training. She told me KORE also had kettlebell classes and put up a new workout each day.  She assured me if I would just come in and follow the workout Elise had expertly designed, I'd be sure to get a good workout in a short time without figuring it out for myself.  

  • What prompted you to seek us out once hearing about us?

The plan was to train for a mud run and then to leave.  I just wanted to train to safely complete a mud run. Shortly after starting, Elise had me alternating kettlebell workouts with mud run training sessions.   I safely completed several mud runs. While mud run training was not my favorite thing, I immediately enjoyed kettlebells. Kettlebell workouts make me stronger and give me a sense of accomplishment an confidence unlike any other form of exercise I have ever done.

  • What was your initial goal when you signed up with us?

When I started with KORE, my stress levels and blood pressure were high.  While life always involves stressors, getting a strength training (and often cardio) workout done before the sun comes up helps me face whatever comes my way during the day.  My blood pressure is normal without medication. That's very important to me as heart disease runs rampant through both sides of my family and I want do what I can to avoid long term health problems and dependency on medication when there's a lifestyle alternative.

  • What was holding you back from achieving this goal (before you joined)?

What brought me to KORE was the desire to train for a specific event.  I am grateful that I made that first step into KORE, but training to run a race or conquer a challenge is in the next few weeks or months is generally just not how I think.  I have a tendency to over commit and become frayed at the edges trying to keep up with everything when I have taken on a lot at once.


  • Has this goal changed since you joined KORE Wellness?  If yes, what is your new goal?

I've chosen to incorporate regular exercise as part of my lifestyle, more of a healthy habit than a series of goals and challenges.  I need my workouts. They make me feel better and help me be a better and more pleasant person in all areas of my life. While I may not take advantage of every KORE challenge, they do serve as a wonderful resource and I am glad they are offered.  The KORE staff and my workout buddies support my fitness habit and help me with my long term goal - to dance at my 90th birthday party. You're all invited, by the way.


  • Now that you’re working on/have achieved this goal, has your view of yourself changed?

A long, healthy life is the goal I'm working toward.


  • What have you liked best about working with us?

Kathy put it best when she told me Elise meets each person exactly where they are.  Elise and her staff focus on proper form and offer modifications as needed. Everyone can get a good and safe workout at KORE, no matter how fit or out of shape they currently are.  The best thing about KORE is the people. The staff and other members are incredibly encouraging and supportive (like family without all the dysfunction), both in the gym and beyond.


  • What would you say to someone who is struggling with the same goal(s)?

If you are a member or are considering joining the KORE family and are struggling with something, Elise and her staff can help.  Just ask them. You are worth it and you'll be glad you did

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