June Member Challenge: Travel Well

Written by Kristen Simon

If you’re anything like me, routine is a key to your success when it comes to exercise, diet, and managing stress. Vacations, work travel, and even weekends can take us out of our routine, and shake things up with our wellness. Sometimes it’s for the better, but often we end up skipping workouts, eating poorly, and come home feeling like we need a ‘mental vacation’ from the stress of our vacation. It’s tough - we want to enjoy our vacation, but there needs to be a balance between our indulgences and healthy choices.

That’s why this month we’re focusing on travel wellness. All month, we’ll be giving you tips and advice for how to stay on track, even when you’re out of town. We’ll also be helping you come up with a plan of attack for your next trip so that you can feel confident about coming home

Our focus will be on exercise (workout ideas and tips for getting more activity into your day), diet (strategies for striking that balance and making sure that you’re nourishing your body), and stress (brainstorming on ways to take a time out from family stress and make travel a little less overwhelming).

It’s important to us at KORE (and we hope it’s important to you too) that the habits you’re building stick with you - even when you’re traveling, even over the holidays, even on weekends!

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