Travel well eating strategies

When traveling or on vacation, most people struggle with sticking with choices that will help keep them on track towards

their overall goals in the face of so many options that are quite the opposite.

I can distinctly remember my frustration being in the Caribbean on vacation and

struggling to find a vegetable to eat instead of what seemed to be an endless supply

of french fries. In the majority of destinations, the resorts and restaurants know very

well that the trend on vacation is to abandon all self-discipline and restraint and eat in

the same fashion because after all, you’re on vacation! Correspondingly, you’ll find that

the majority of beach bars, resort restaurants, and airport kiosks cater to that exact thought

process. It’s the most simple form of demand and supply.

In the eating portion of the travel well series we hope to present you with some things to consider

as well as some strategies to help you make decisions that keep you on track to achieving your goals

while traveling. The other very nice side effect to following these strategies is that you’ll find your

entire vacation more enjoyable not suffering that sugar, salt, fried food laden lethargy that comes

on so quickly post-meal!


What we will be covering:

  1. Decide whether you will stick to your healthy habits or take a temporary break.

  2. Start to think about your food decisions along a spectrum

  3. Start to think about your minimums

  4. Hunger is NOT and emergency

  5. No matter what, you can always fall back on the two most important principles of good nutrition!

  6. Other travel nutrition tips.


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