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  • Eating strategies to combat the weekend effect

    The Weekend effect: Strategies to change your Eating Habits Happy hour to close out the work week, followed by date night at your favorite restaurant on Saturday, then a large gathering and a large spread of game day spread on Sunday. The unwinding effect of the weekend accrues enough extra calories to move that number up on the scale come monday. An August 2003 study published in Obesity Research, found that Americans 19 to 50 years old take in 115 more calories per day on the weekend (defined as Friday through Sunday) than on the other days of the week. This trend followed consistently over the course of a year adds up to 17,940 extra calories -- or about 5 pounds. News flash: ....

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  • Combatting the weekend effect with NEAT.

    It’s the weekend, you’ve had a long and stressful week, now it’s time to relax right? Well while you might be taking a break from structure exercise over the whole weekend or possibly one day over the weekend, that doesn’t mean that you plant your rear end firmly on the couch and accumulate a whopping 700 steps over the day basically moving within your house from the fridge to the couch and from the bathroom to the couch. We discussed the idea last weekend that some combination of inactivity and excess food intake creates enough of a positive energy balance to negate all of the discipline of your whole week and derail your goals towards a healthier body ....

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  • What is the weekend effect?

    I was having this discussion with a client who is very disciplined with his diet and exercise this week as we analyzed his food intake for the week. He had a few things he wanted to address based off of his most recent blood tests so we decided to start with a week long food journal in Myfitness Pal. When the week was over, he put his numbers in a spreadsheet so we could see what the numbers said. We talked on several points but one of the big ah ha moments was when we took the activity data from his apple watch and did an assessment of his energy balance (energy in compared against energy expended). His weekly snapshot had him consuming roughly 400 more calories than he burned. (As a ....

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  • Why do we use the Functional Movement Screen?

    Before becoming a member at KORE Wellness, you are required to go through an initial assessment which includes a health history, review of personal expectations, and the Functional Movement Screen. The FMS is a quantifiable way for us to not only document your current movement ability, but also identify limitations and asymmetries that could lead to potential injury. Your weakest link will always be your limiting factor because it exposes you to "leaks" in your movement making your muscles work against you instead of for you when it comes to producing movement. If you cannot move well, you should not attempt to move more before you correct those movement "leaks". Moving more ....

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  • Alcohol free? What might that help?

    “Can you go a week or can you go a month without any alcohol? And if you can’t, why not? What is it that’s driving your need for alcohol?” Dry January started in the UK in 2012 and has quickly spread to be a trend in the US. It just happens to coincide with our Whole 90 challenge but why are we challenging our clients to test out going without? What do you stand to gain from giving up alcohol for a month?
    Liver relief
    Because the liver is a tolerant organ, positive changes can occur within weeks of going dry. The liver can focus on its other jobs, such as breaking down other toxins produced by the body, metabolizing fats and excess hormones that need ....

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  • What’s a grain-free diet and why should I try it?

    What’s a grain-free diet and why should I try it? A grain-free diet eliminates all grains, as well as foods derived from them. This includes gluten-containing grains like wheat, spelt, barley, rye, and triticale, as well as non-glutenous ones like dried corn, millet, rice, sorghum, and oats. To follow a grain-free diet, you need to exclude all grains, as well foods that contain grains from your diet. Think conventional bread, pasta, granola, oatmeal, rice cakes, breakfast cereals, cakes, crackers, and cookies. Following a grain-free diet can also be similar to following a low carb diet, but this isn’t a requirement. You can simply eliminate grains and get your ....

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  • The WHOLE 90 - Get to the bottom of potential food issues

    When the Hartwigs created the Whole 30 in 2009, they set out not to create a diet or a quick fix. The Whole 30 wasn’t even designed to be a weight loss program or a test of willpower. The goal wasn’t to have you do something for 30 days with the intention of returning to your old eating habits as soon as you finished the 30 days. They designed the Whole 30 as a wake up call, a kick start to transforming the way you think about food, your body, and what you want out of your time left on this earth. It’s designed to be a paradigm shift the likes of which you may only experience a few times in your whole life. Their most famous quote regarding the Whole 30 is ....

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  • A year in review

    Life slows down with the passing of Christmas, relationships and celebrations come and hard work is generally put on hold. I’m always a bit surprised at how quickly another year has passed and I start wondering what I’ve actually achieved in the past 12 months. The end of the year is a great time for reflection, call it a year in review. The lull with the holidays is great opportunity to block of some time to do an analysis of where you are, how satisfied you are with your life, and how you wish to move forward. Before getting to more specific questions and exercises, lets go over our objective for this exercise:
    Assess where you started the year and where you are ....

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  • Healthy holiday strategies: Family stress

    This article was written by Kristen Eden for our blog last year and as I reread it, I felt that whether or not you've read it before.. it deserves another look. The holidays are great times to reconnect with family and friends you haven't seen in a while, but it can also be a stressful time if you have some passive aggressive family members. Knowing how to manage these comments in advance can be a great approach to reducing your stress and being able to move past the comment without getting upset. On the other hand as you read these possible trigger comments, it might be a good time to reflect upon your own actions and make sure that you aren't inadvertently upsetting someone else! Check ....

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  • Win the holidays in a game of inches.

    Win the holidays in a game of inches. “You know, when you get old in life things get taken from you... I mean that’s…part of life. But, you only learn that when you start losing stuff. You find out life’s this game of inches….The inches we need are everywhere around us….we fight for that inch….because we know when we add up all those inches that’s gonna make the ….difference between winning and losing!” - Al Pacino, Any Given Sunday Holidays are known for having some of your favorite meals and treats, we know that statistically the holiday weight gain averages around 1 lb. In the simplest terms a one pound weight gain ....

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