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  • Why (and How) do we warm up before exercise?

    At KORE, we have a fairly unique warm-up routine, with exercises that take the body through a very wide variety of movements. It is not unusual for some people starting an exercise program to experience some soreness after their first time doing our warm-up. The biggest reason that we have a mandatory dynamic warm-up at our facility is to prime the body for movement. As our world becomes more and more modernized, most of the movement related tasks once required have been eliminated which means that we spend most of our day moving from one seated position to another. This in turn leads to cold, stiff, and shortened muscles in the body that will be in high demand once you start your ....

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  • After you’ve completed your functional strength test, how do you work to improve it?

    After you’ve completed your functional strength test, how do you work to improve it? The answer: Grease the Groove. Well what in the heck does that mean? Greasing the groove means that you pick your weakest link of the four exercises and you commit to frequent perfect practice of that exercise. The success grease the groove is:
    Perfect practice makes perfect: You cut back your reps of that exercise to a number that you can execute flawless high tension repetitions (the number of reps you do is determined by quality, you should stop before your technique starts to falter)
    The more you do something, the better you get: Without going to fatigue or overtraining, do ....

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  • The top five reasons hard style Kettlebell training is great for your back

    There are a lot of opinions of weight training out there, don't do this, never do this, always do this. Kettlebell training has a lot of those opinions as well, the main opinion being, I have a bad back...I shouldn't use kettlebells. Well, this article in Pavel's 2006 Enter the Kettlebell speaks to the opposite. Obviously, there are many variables we want to ensure before starting a strength training routine with kettlebells (which is why we FMS screen all incoming clients) but once your body is ready to use kettlebells, they might just be the best thing you ever do for your back! The Top Five Extremely Boring Reasons RKC Kettlebell Training is Great for Your Back - Pavel
    1. Kettlebell ....

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  • What is the functional strength test?

    While the functional movement screen is a wonderful tool and helps us make sure that you stay safe and avoid risk of injury, it doesn’t take our members beyond moving well into improving functional performance. We want to create a roadmap to help each member improve every aspect of health. Our areas of focus will center around functional movement, functional strength, and this fall we’ll introduce a fundamental capacity screen too! The functional strength test is a way for you to test your current strength. For this test, we weren’t interested in any amount of weight you could lift but your ability to move your body with the amount of strength needed to live without ....

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  • Fighting Back with a Smile, Dave's Member of the Month Story

    Fighting back with a smile, Dave’s Member of the Month Story Dave came to us to learn more about the Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) for Parkinson's Program as soon as he heard that we had started one. As the head of the speaker’s bureau for the local Parkinson’s Support group he has a great passion for bringing awareness of all aspects of the disease to the local community. As a PD patient himself, he was interested in how the program would be of a benefit to himself. Since Dave’s first day in the program, we all noticed not only how hard he works, but also how great he is at supporting his fellow classmates. Dave always has a great attitude, is enthusiastic ....

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  • Exercise while traveling?

    Written by Kristen Simon Exercise is at the heart of what we do at KORE. While it’s totally fine to take a break from working out - recovery is a part of a healthy life - maybe you want to stick to your exercise routine while on vacation. Now, sure, it’s easy enough to google travel workouts, or for us to provide you with some (we already have some on the YouTube page!), but actually making those workouts happen...that’s another story. We want to get at the heart of what makes exercising while traveling so difficult for some folks, and what we can do to change that. So take a minute and reflect on your last vacation (or business trip, or weekend). How did you spend your ....

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  • Travel well eating strategies

    When traveling or on vacation, most people struggle with sticking with choices that will help keep them on track towards their overall goals in the face of so many options that are quite the opposite. I can distinctly remember my frustration being in the Caribbean on vacation and struggling to find a vegetable to eat instead of what seemed to be an endless supply of french fries. In the majority of destinations, the resorts and restaurants know very well that the trend on vacation is to abandon all self-discipline and restraint and eat in the same fashion because after all, you’re on vacation! Correspondingly, you’ll find that the ....

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  • June Member Challenge: Travel Well

    Written by Kristen Simon If you’re anything like me, routine is a key to your success when it comes to exercise, diet, and managing stress. Vacations, work travel, and even weekends can take us out of our routine, and shake things up with our wellness. Sometimes it’s for the better, but often we end up skipping workouts, eating poorly, and come home feeling like we need a ‘mental vacation’ from the stress of our vacation. It’s tough - we want to enjoy our vacation, but there needs to be a balance between our indulgences and healthy choices. That’s why this month we’re focusing on travel wellness. All month, we’ll be giving you tips ....

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  • From a double knee replacement and walking boot to pushing a sled, this is Ramona’s Member of the month journey

    From a double knee replacement and walking boot to pushing a sled, this is Ramona’s Member of the month journey Ramona initially came in for help getting her life back after two knee replacements. She was worried about her lack of balance and was concerned that she was favoring her left side over her left because the left still bothered her. With a furniture restoration business and a demanding garden, she wanted to be able to do all the things she needed and wanted to do without being limited by her physical abilities. When she came in for her evaluation she couldn’t get off the floor without the use of a chair, her knees, hands, and foot were all bothering her. ....

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  • Sitting-rising test, what's your score?

    “Aging is out of your control. How you handle it though, is in your hand.” Diane Von Furstenberg Too often I see individuals get stuck in a cycle where they can move well from a chair or bed but they struggle to get on an off the floor. At KORE Wellness we limit the use of benches so everyone has to get on the floor to do exercises. After reading this study I am more convinced than ever that we are doing the right thing but forcing people to get up and down of the floor. We are adding years back on to our clients lives! There was a test developed in the 1990s that when used in a study consisting of 2002 adults aged 51-80 was able to give researchers accurate information ....

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