Semi-Private Training In Columbia

Enjoy The Individualized Programming, Attention, And Accountability Of Personal Training In A Small Group Setting

Why is our semi-private training right for you?

First and foremost our individualized training programs are about: helping you finally find a solution to make progress with your fitness to achieve – and maintain – the body and health you want so you can live your life without those pesky limitations that keep stalling your progress. What would it be like to finally be able to say yes to everything you want to do, and to never feel like your health is holding you back?

Personal Training Columbia

We get it. You know your health is important and it’s not that you wanted to get off track. But you’re busy! Between family and professional commitments it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. You’re not in your 20’s and things don’t work the way they used to, you don’t have time to mess around with fitness and nutrition programs that don’t work. You’ve been-there-done-that with programs that aren’t tailored to your needs that leave you unmotivated to continue, injured or with little results.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

We specialize in providing individualized programming and training services for men and women, primarily between 40-65 years old, that lead busy professional and family lives. We offer our industry-leading Semi-Private Personal Training – our most popular training service – in addition to premium 1-to-1 Personal Training. Our programs are designed to first evaluate and gain an understanding to your specific issues. Then we design a specific plan to provide you with the guidance and the tools you need to get (and stay) out of pain. Once you’re out of pain, we then progress to incorporate more strength and cardio training so you can finally see the serious lasting results you’ve been seeking.

Included with Semi-Private training:

Personal Training Columbia1. One-on-one Monthly Coaching Calls to 10x your results

We know that you don’t need someone to and count every single rep but you do need support and accountability. We do an initial 1-to-1 assessment when you start semi-private training to get know you and your goals so we can co-create a plan that provides the right amount of accountability and support in the areas you need to help you succeed! From there, you’ll meet monthly with your coach to discuss how to keep making small improvements in those areas to keep you headed towards achieving your health and wellness goals in your life both inside and outside KORE Wellness.

Personal Training Columbia2. Guidance At Your Level

We’ll make modifications and provide guidance throughout your semi-private session to keep you safe and to challenge you appropriately for your functional level – whether you’re just getting started or you just need some more accountability. We’ll be helping you learn proper form and ensure you are continually progressing while having the best hour of your day!

Personal Training Columbia3. Affordable Options

Choose from 2x per week or unlimited weekly sessions. We have options to accommodate your budget with easy monthly billing. Packages also include our base level online nutrition coaching to maximize your results!

Personal Training Columbia4. Flexible Schedule

Fit your workouts in where it’s best for you with easy online registration. Each session is 60-minutes with options to attend early morning, mid-morning, lunch, after work, or Saturday mornings. 27 sessions per week to choose from!

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