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  • KORE WELLNESS has been my wellness home since Thanksgiving morning 2009.  On November 4th of that year, I completed 33 radiation treatments after a brief bout with breast cancer.  I had chatted with Elise Matthews, owner of Kore, when she worked out with small groups in our neighborhood park.  I had already left another gym where I had worked out for more than 10 years.  I thought a fresh start would be good for me and what better way than to begin on Thanksgiving Day?  After all, I was thankful to be alive and healthy.  And that was my beginning with Kore. 

    Elise sets a very high bar.  She educates us about proper nutrition and healthy eating as well as exercise that works for each individual.  And there is a positive and encouraging “vibe” at Kore—from the trainers as well as from the clients.  The staff and trainers are so knowledgeable and always ready to listen and help.  Many times, a well chosen “one word” is all it takes to make that necessary correction in our form.  And proper form is stressed in all we do.  The attention to detail there is enviable! 

    Elise and her staff work together to keep the workouts (kettlebells, boot camp, cardio, boxing,) fresh as well as challenging. And speaking of challenges, there is always something fun underfoot at Kore.  We might have a 21 day nutrition challenge, a 2 or 3 day sugar challenge, March Madness challenges that vary week to week (food and exercise), preparations for the Leatherneck Mud Run  (I have done 3!) as well as other runs, etc.   Notice how many times I used that challenge word!! 

    I am always so comfortable going to Elise and her wonderful “family” of trainers  for advice about food, drink, supplements, pain management, exercise.  Well, you get the picture by now, yes?  I am grateful to Elise and her incredible staff for being there for me.  Kore Wellness will always be the best fit for my health and fitness. But don’t take my words for this.  Experience the Kore Wellness motto for yourself:  LIVE WELL!  Not only will your health and well-being improve, but you will meet some delightful folk who are genuinely concerned for you.  This will be you becoming your best and feeling great!

    Winkie Goodwin
  • "I love knowing I can trust the trainers to correct form and challenge me.  I love the non-intimidating atmosphere.  It's a place for real people who want to be pain free and healthy"

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  • I came to KORE Wellness as a person with a degree in exercise science, who works in the field as the wellness director of a retirement community, and a yoga teacher.

    Besides all those things I am also human, and my own fitness had taken a back seat to life.  During a workshop in which I felt disappointed by my own strength, a colleague mentioned that he had been going to KORE Wellness for kettle bell classes and I went in for my assessment a few days later.  It’s been a little over a year and I have never looked back.  As someone with a background in health and physiology Elise Matthews’ level of expertise and refined instruction is something I immediately appreciated.  Elise is knowledgeable, compassionate, and so inspiring to me and all of her clients.  She and all of her staff are so well trained and do an excellent job of breaking down complex skills, modifying things that are too difficult (at first) and helping you bust through your own expectations. She is incredibly skilled with injuries and imbalances, and I have never felt more safe than when I workout at KORE.  I know that cross training at KORE is a HUGE part of how I was able to train for and race my first full marathon pain and injury free. There is no place in town (and I have tried and become bored with other gym’s strength training programs many times) where you will find what KORE offers.

    In a year’s time my percent body fat has gone down 9%, I’ve lost 38 pounds, and I have gained 7.5 pounds of lean body mass. Most importantly I have completely transformed the way I see myself, the types of goals I set for myself, the way I eat, and my overall level of satisfaction with my life.
    KORE Wellness is much more than a gym, it is a supportive and integrative community of holistic health and support…and I always feel challenged and have a great time.  I cannot even imagine my life without KORE. *as with all health fitness programs, results will vary depending on a variety of reasons, of which we will discuss during your consultation.

  • Finding KORE Wellness has been a life changing experience for me, my fitness, and overall health. I came to K.O.R.E. with the intent of taking fitness classes. When arriving at K.O.R.E for the first time I was introduced to a whole new style of fitness and health. Elise performed an introductory assessment that provided her information on how best to help me reach my goals. Through this assessment, she discovered that I have had ongoing lower back/sacrum pain. Because Elise has high expertise and professionalism in her field, she takes utmost caution and spends quality time helping and training all people who walk through KORE. Personally, I have had low back/sacrum issues for 3 years before going to K.O.R.E. Once evaluated by Elise, she created a program for me specifically in providing relief to my low back. I immediately felt relief and continued going back to her.

    I did end up having to have surgery; however, three months after my surgery I felt worse and was told by my neurologist there was nothing else they could do for me. I continued to do the program Elise created for me even though if felt repetitive and I struggled through it. After one year of sticking with Elise, committing to doing what she told me to do and not giving up, I am feeling better than ever. I have been to Physiatrists, Neurologists, Physical Therapists, Orthapedics, and have had the injections, acupuncture, and surgery, which either provided zero to some relief. Elise has been a major contributing factor to the pain relief in my low back/sacrum.

    I have been involved in fitness and health clubs for 15 years and never have experienced someone who is more competent in the field as Elise Matthews. She not only knows fitness, she knows health and wellness, which is truly the ultimate goal of her practice. Going to Elise for a “pain” issue is like going to a gym/doctor all in one visit! *as with all health fitness programs, results will vary depending on a variety of reasons, of which we will discuss during your consultation.

  • I have been going to KORE for just over a year now. I am in the best shape of my life, by far. If you are looking to start a workout routine for the first time, recovering from a past injury, wanting to balance out your running with some strength training, or are interested in improving your overall fitness and quality of life then KORE is the place for you. Elise’s expertise and experience allow for the safest and most effective workout that you will find anywhere in Columbia.

    In the past year I have: run my first full marathon, run my fastest half marathon (shaved 12 minutes off of my previous), placed first in my age group for a 5k (first time), dropped over 15 lbs of body fat, gained 18 lbs of lean muscle, improved my flexibility and become more symmetrical in my resting posture. Regardless of the numbers, I feel AMAZING. Do yourself a favor, go down to KORE Wellness. *as with all health fitness programs, results will vary depending on a variety of reasons, of which we will discuss during your consultation.

  • Got my assessment 3 weeks ago due to finding a great Groupon offer. After freaking out for a moment I signed up and got to work. I did not get out of shape overnight so I know it will not be an overnight fix but everything about KORE Wellness is awesome. I don't mind getting up and getting to the gym. Elise and Lauren are patient but firm and there are dogs and the cutest baby to boot!!!

    Dhyani Compton
  • Joining KORE is the best thing I have ever done for myself and my health. Elise's expertise and experience lay the foundation for safe and effective training for people at all levels of physical fitness. 
    Ready to start a workout routine for the first time? Rehabbing from an old injury? Want to balance out your running with some strength training? Then KORE is the place for you!

    Andrew Touzel
  • KORE offered me much more than a weight-loss experience. The very professional staff have taught me about healthy eating through their 21 day challenge program. I have never thought of myself as a physically strong person, but Elise and her staff let me experience that by working hard at the Kettlebell and Bootcamp programs they plan every day. They carefully plan it so it never gets boring. But the best part of KORE is all the great people working out: they greet you, they encourage you, they inspire you. It just makes you want to work harder. I can't thank KORE enough for the awesome experience!

    Naomi Leipold
  • First class in every way. These people are real pros who know their business.

    Dan Cobb
  • I started Kore at the beginning of the summer. I was never motivated to work out before I started at Kore, and now I hate when I miss a day of class! Kore is like a family and the clients and trainers really make you feel welcome and at home. I would definitely recommend joining!!

    Cassidy Davis
  • Amazing staff and great people. KORE is a place anyone can work out and improve health and fitness.

    Michael D Cason
  • The best training facility in Columbia! If you want to get results and get out of pain, look no further!

    Nicole Spencer
  • So I’ve been logging my calories on myfitnesspal.com and consistently exercising for a little over a year now. Do i still need toning? Yes. Do I still have stretch marks and some loose skin from two pregnancies and two c-sections? Yes. But I’m a mom and proud of that. Currently down 37lbs from my starting weight that was logged at my 6 week follow up appointment after Lily was born! *as with all health fitness programs, results will vary depending on a variety of reasons, of which we will discuss during your consultation.

    Selena Metts
  • A safe, encouraging atmosphere appropriate for anyone. I've recommended several people to try it!

    Dara Brown
  • KORE is an incredible community of people focused on their own growth and supporting personal growth for the others who train there! Wellness, not just weight loss or even physical fitness, is truly the focus of Elise and her staff. KORE has helped me to outgrow myself physically, mentally, and professionally in just one year!

    Emily Whitecotton

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