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  • The myth of multitasking: are you really getting more done?

    "To do two things at once is to do neither" What if I told you that multitasking was a lie? It is universally accepted as an effective thing to do and heck, people even put their multitasking skill on resumes because employers look for that in prospective hires! The problem is that we've got it all wrong. In 2009 Stanford University Professor, Clifford Nass set out to discover how well multitaskers were "multitasking". He and his team of researchers gave 262 students questionnaires to determine how often they multitasked. The students were then divided into two groups of high and low multitaskers. The hypothesis was that the multitaskers would perform better. The researchers ....

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  • What exactly does sharpen the saw mean?

    In Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, habit number 7 involves what he calls Sharpening the Saw. Simply put, it is the habit of self-renewal, the that allows you to keep doing all of the other hard work that demands most of your life. There are four dimensions that you want to focus on physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual, and you want to put equal attention towards each. During our annual inter-gym March Madness competition, we challenge our members to take time to sharpen the saw and take some time for themselves. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Investing in yourself is the single most powerful investment ....

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  • Personal Training in Columbia - K.O.R.E. Wellness - The Embodiment of Grit: Sabrina Todd’s Member of the Month Story

    The Embodiment of Grit: Sabrina Todd’s Member of the Month Story

    The Embodiment of Grit: Sabrina Todd’s Member of the Month Story What the staff has to say about Sabrina: Elise: Sabrina reached out to me in the Summer of 2010 because she was training for a mud run and wanted some guidance on how to train for it without hurting herself. Needless to say that not only did she complete that mud run but she went on to run a few more in upcoming years as well as stay on and develop a love of training with kettlebells. Nine years later, she’s a VIP member and the rock of the 5:30 AM crew. Sabrina may not be our most athletic or the strongest member but she is hands down the most consistent with her training. We’ve been ....

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  • Restoring your gut health - How does it work?

    Because when you change your diet, your gut can benefit immediately from the amazing foods you start consuming. We think it is so important to get healthy on the inside before you can truly be healthy on the outside. This is why we've put together a comprehensive three day cleanse for our members – We all can benefit from:
    Reducing inflammation.
    Improving the balance of your gut bacteria.
    Helping you lose a few excess pounds (which, at first, will be water weight).
    Developing an improved sense of well-being. If your gut is likely damaged and you are experiencing a lot of the symptoms I mentioned in the last blog, you will need more time to fix it up. ....

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  • Member Challenge: 3-Day Gut Cleanse (With an optional 6-week Restore your gut challenge!)

    Member Challenge 3-Day Gut Cleanse Why is Gut Health so Important? "All Diseases begin in the gut" -Hippocrates After reading two books, multiple research articles, listing to several podcasts, and watching a few videos, I have learned just enough about the gut and the microbiome’s influence on your immune system, nervous system, and hormonal system to recognize this one key fact: Without a healthy gut, it’s is impossible to have good health, period. Your gastrointestinal system is host to hundreds of trillions of different bacteria, plus viruses, molds, and fungi. It is an interesting idea to think that on a genetic level, you ....

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  • Rite of Passage Challenge - A test of Grit

    Ready to test your grit? The right of passage challenge: From the list of the six rite of passage tests listed below, you will choose five to complete back to back (as prescribed) in whatever order you choose. The rite of passage challenge was born about 2 years ago after the KORE staff lost a scavenger hunt and the KORE members who won were allowed to decide what workout the KORE trainers would do. The two things they were deciding between were a 90 minute session of Hot yoga or all of the right of passage workouts in one day. 90 minute yoga won out but the idea of all of the rite of passage workouts in one day stuck with me. Let me take a step back and explain the rite ....

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  • Personal Training in Columbia - K.O.R.E. Wellness - Fighting back in a big way: Steve's Member of the month Story

    Fighting back in a big way: Steve's Member of the month Story

    Fighting back in a big way: Member of the Month Steve Mann’s Story What Kylie has to say about Steve: Steven is something special. He is everything that a trainer could want or need in a class setting. He is consistent, he pushes himself everyday, and he encourages everyone around him. When Steven first joined our Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) program for Parkinson’s here at KORE Wellness, he needed help to walk and stand. He had trouble bending over without losing his balance. Now Steve can sit and stand without help AND pick a medicine ball off the ground with confidence! Steve’s overall outlook is much more upbeat and happy since he’s been a part of the ....

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  • MLK Day: Take a pause

    Written by Elise Matthews I just recently watched the movie Green Book. Set in the Deep South in the 1960s, the movie tells the true story of an African-American classical and jazz pianist on tour and an Italian-American bouncer who served as his driver and bodyguard. The film is named after The Negro Motorist Green Book , a guidebook for African-American travelers written to help them find motels and restaurants that would accept them. This movie brings a lot of awareness to how difficult it was for non-white Americans to even be able to travel to another city before the civil rights movement, especially in the deep south. This is something ....

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  • Make a habit of happiness.

    “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Abraham Lincoln I want to talk about happiness. By definition happiness is a state of mind where our thinking is pleasant. When we are happy, everything is in life better. Our thoughts, our performance, even the function of our organs, our memory, and our senses (sight, touch, smell, feel, taste). There have even been studies that showed happy optimistic businessmen to be more successful than their pessimistic counterparts. All this to say that a state of happiness is something we all should strive for if we wish to lead healthy, successful lives. The problem lies in the fact that most of us are seeking ....

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  • Member Challenge: Find your focus

    Written by Elise Matthews The new year gives us all an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and reset our focus for the next 12 months. A lot of you are probably thinking in terms of a resolution. Like I wrote last week, resolutions are too finite and restrictive. Instead think of creating a way to improve upon some aspect of of your life in a way that is adaptable to what 2019 throws your way. With that being said, here’s your challenge for the month: Step 1: Take some time to think about what you want to focus on this year, this should be a focus to make a significant impact on one aspect of your life that you are particularly passionate about improving. ....

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