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  • The 5 step KISS Method to quality sleep

    The 5 step KISS Method to quality sleep Written By Elise Matthews. Whether or not you decided to join in on this month's challenge. We could always use some tips and strategies for getting a better night's sleep. So without getting too bogged down into the details there are a 5 simple strategies that you can follow that have been scientifically proven to make for a better night of sleep. When testing out which sleep ritual works best for you keep it simple, DON'T try to incorporate all of these habits. The goal is to get the best quality of sleep with the least amount of effort. If you are struggling or need a kick off point, try this:
    No intense exercise at least 2 hours before bed
    No ....

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  • Personal Training in Columbia - K.O.R.E. Wellness - November Member Challenge: Improve your quality of sleep

    November Member Challenge: Improve your quality of sleep

    Sleep is just as important as nutrition and exercise when it comes to improving your health, performance, and body composition. Good sleep helps our bodies and minds recover, keeping us lean, happy, mentally focused, and healthy. But chronically bad sleep slathers on body fat, screws up our hormones, ages us faster, increases chronic illnesses, and drains our IQ and mojo. Fortunately, research also shows that returning to adequate sleep can quickly reduce these risks. So how do we go about getting good quality shut-eye? Create a sleep routine If you’re anything like me, you probably have developed some sort of routine for the morning and what you do ....

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  • October Member of the Month: Bryan Allen

    October Member of the Month: Bryan Allen From giving back to receiving a wonderful gift in return, this is Bryan’s story: What the staff at KORE has to say about Bryan: A very close relative passed away after a battle with Parkinson’s disease, because of this, Bryan is passionate about helping others fight back against the disease. He initially heard about the Rock Steady program from his wife, Angel, and came to us and expressed an interest in helping out with the program. Bryan went through the process to get Rock Steady certified and ever since has been helping out with the class. Bryan’s help has especially been appreciated as the number of Rock ....

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  • Food Label challenge: Ingredients matter

    Ingredients matter: 8 tips to navigate the small font on the back of your foods. If you truly want to know what is in your food, you’re going to have to ignore the front of the package, ignore the nutrition facts and go straight to that 7 point font that tells you the ingredients that are used to make the food you are about to eat. Listed below are 3 apple cinnamon bar options that you could choose from at any typical grocery store. The front of the packaging of these products contains things like zero trans fats, made from whole grains, good source of fiber, no artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup but look at the difference in the ingredients! These all contain ....

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  • Personal Training in Columbia - K.O.R.E. Wellness - Food label challenge: Nutrition Facts

    Food label challenge: Nutrition Facts

    We will start our look into Nutrition Labeling by looking at the “Nutrition Facts” box. There is a lot of important information located here including:
    Serving size,
    Macronutrient amounts
    Calories per serving
    Micronutrient breakdowns, and
    Percent daily value. We will start with number 1 on the picture, serving size . This is fairly self explanatory, however what can be deceiving is what the measurements mean in real life. For our example we are looking at an Apple Pie Bulletproof Bar that we sell at the gym. The serving size is one bar, and this is the label for the box, so the serving per container is 12 bars. When you look at ....

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  • Personal Training in Columbia - K.O.R.E. Wellness - Understanding Food Labels: Food Claims

    Understanding Food Labels: Food Claims

    Front-of-package claims
    Normally, nutrition information is found on the back of the package. This means you have to pick up the package, ignoring all of the claims and flashy colors on the front of the package, still want to read the label, flip the package, and start reading. Rushed and busy consumers simply don’t bother. ( As with back-of-pack food labels, front-of-pack food labels vary by region. To date, all front-of-pack recommendations are voluntary, not mandatory and some claims can be deceptive. “Low-sodium” and “nonfat” are established terms, but relatively new phrases such as “not bioengineered,” “no antibiotics” and ....

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  • Personal Training in Columbia - K.O.R.E. Wellness - “Reading” versus “understanding” food labels (and a Quiz!)

    “Reading” versus “understanding” food labels (and a Quiz!)

    “Reading” versus “understanding” food labels Have you ever looked at a food label and wondered what all that information actually means? Can your Fifth grader pronounce all the words on the ingredients list? Food labels can provide a wealth of information. Food labels can also be deceiving. Reading and understanding labels are two different things, the language on the front of the packaging vs the language on the back of the packaging are also two very different things. One study found that although 80% of shoppers read the labels, only about half to two-thirds of them could actually make sense of the labels. Research also shows that although most ....

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  • Murph Challenge 2018

    Written By Jared Kauffman Welcome to Fall! It may, finally be here in Columbia. Nevertheless, KORE members will begin to commence training for one of our Fall traditions, the Murph Challenge. Every year around November or December, KORE hosts an event called the Murph Challenge. This challenge was chosen because it requires participants to something that on the first glance elicts the thought “I could never do that”. This Crossfit Hero workout involves Running 1 mile, then doing 300 squats, 200 push ups, and 100 pull ups (broken up if needed), and then finishing with another mile run. We wanted to challenge our members (and ourselves) to embrace grit and learn how ....

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  • From assisted walker to freedom: Member of the Month, jimmy Boone's story.

    Member of the Month: Jimmy Boone From an assisted walker to freedom, Member of the month, Jimmy Boone’s Story What the staff has to say about Jimmy: Elise: I can remember doing Jimmy’s initial intake for the Rock Steady boxing program. He walked in the door with the assistance of his son and his walker. We went through the initial consult and I heard the frustration in his voice as he took me through his story of a doctor getting his Parkinson’s meds all wrong and how debilitating it was for him. He had days as he tried to get his meds right where he couldn’t even stand up and walk on his own. He came to join the Rock Steady boxing program on ....

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  • Personal Training in Columbia - K.O.R.E. Wellness - Is the Keto Challenge for you?

    Is the Keto Challenge for you?

    Is the Keto Challenge for you? TO explain why the keto diet is so great for health, it's important to give a bit of an explanation on how your body works when it's burning carbs as its primary fuel source. Carbohydrates from any source - fruits, vegetables, grains, sugars, anything starchy - are broken down into glucose, which is used for energy. When you eat more glucose than you can immediately use, your body stores the excess in the liver and muscles. When those stores get full, the body converts the excess glucose to fat for longer term storage. Glucose is the first place the body goes for energy, but because we can only store limited amounts of glucose, its not a ....

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