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  • Sitting-rising test, what's your score?

    “Aging is out of your control. How you handle it though, is in your hand.” Diane Von Furstenberg Too often I see individuals get stuck in a cycle where they can move well from a chair or bed but they struggle to get on an off the floor. At KORE Wellness we limit the use of benches so everyone has to get on the floor to do exercises. After reading this study I am more convinced than ever that we are doing the right thing but forcing people to get up and down of the floor. We are adding years back on to our clients lives! There was a test developed in the 1990s that when used in a study consisting of 2002 adults aged 51-80 was able to give researchers accurate information ....

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  • The 21 Day Metabolism Reset Liver Cleanse Breakdown

    21 Day Metabolism Reset Liver Cleanse: (Loosely adapted from Alan Christianson’s Metabolism Reset Diet) Each Day’s Menu has three elements: Two shakes (one for breakfast and one for lunch) One balanced meal for dinner Unlimited snacks from the list below whenever you need them. Menus have been provided for the 21 days, but the guides below will allow you to adapt to suit your individual needs. The anatomy of your daily shake: Protein - from a protein source that has no artificial ingredients, no common allergens, no refined sugar, and at least 20 g of high quality protein (collagen, pea, egg) Resistant starch - shoot for 15,000 mg daily from the following sources: ¼ cup Green ....

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  • Personal Training near  Columbia - K.O.R.E. Wellness - May's Metabolic Reset Challenge

    May's Metabolic Reset Challenge

    In February, we focused on the gut, this month is all about the liver. The liver is commonly associated with alcohol break down but it plays some major roles in the overall health of your body. All the blood pumping through your body flows through your liver before going back to your heart. Your liver is processing your entire blood supply once every minute. That’s a BIG job! So what exactly is your liver doing? Storage: The liver holds onto vitamins and minerals, immune cells, amino acids, fuel, and hormones. Filtration: The liver regulates the ecosystem in our bodies, ensuring the environment within the skin stays safe, just like the filter in an aquarium. ....

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  • Leading from the front: Bentley’s Member of the Month Story

    Leading from the front: Bentley’s Member of the Month Story After Bentley's amazing feat of doing 443 squats during March Madness's 10 minute squat challenge (that's an average of 44 squats/minute!), she was a shoe in for the KORE staff's member of the month vote. For those of you who do not know the ten minute squat challenge, it’s pretty simple: how many times can you squat to touch a medicine ball and stand back up in 10 minutes. It’s a hard test that leaves you a little weak in the knees for a few days after. But it’s also a test that challenges you to push through screaming and aching legs and eek out a few more squats, it tests your ability to put ....

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  • Hyponatremia, electrolytes, and exercise hydration guidelines

    The effects of overhydration (hyponatremia): Hyponatremia means having too much water relative to sodium content. Our body prefers to keep blood sodium (and all electrolytes) in a narrow range. Athletes tend to be at risk for hyponatremia, the fears of dehydration sometimes spur athletes to drink too much by mistake. While hydration is important, there IS too much of a good thing! Risk factors of hyponatremia: Athletes are more are risk for hyponatremia because of their fear of dehydration and over consumption of plain water instead of a balanced electrolyte drink. Other instances that are high risk for hyponatremia are water drinking contests and raves or other ....

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  • Hydration: How much fluid do we need?

    How much fluid do we need? Depending on what you eat, you can get about 4 cups of water from the foods you are eating on a daily basis.
    Raw fruits and vegetables contain mostly water
    Cooked grains and legumes contain some water when they absorb water through the cooking process.
    High fat foods like nuts, seeds, oils and butter have very little water (which is why hydration is so important on a Ketogenic diet). While we get some water from food, most of our fluid intake comes from what we drink. The body will regulate thirst to take in more water when we need it. You are likely to feel more thirsty when:
    The temperature is warmer
    The humidity is lower

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  • The ins and outs of hydration

    The importance of hydration: Water is necessary for life yet we are constantly losing it through processes like breathing, sweating, excretion, and exercsise. Over the next few weeks as we challenge our members to increase their water intake we’re going to cover the ins and out of hydration so you can have a better understanding of why you’re grabbing that water bottle. You always hear that you should drink water, but why? For starters, water makes up over half of who we are, it’s inside our cells in what is called intracellular fluid, its outside of our cells as extracellular fluid. Different parts of the body contain different amounts of water and how ....

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  • 1% better everyday: Sarah Guthrie’s Member of the Month Story

    1% better everyday: Sarah Guthrie’s Member of the Month Story What the staff has to say about Sarah: Elise: Sarah came to us in July with the desire to improve her body composition and get stronger so she could run longer distances without pain. Since Sarah joined the KORE family, the entire staff has been impressed with her determination to improve her health and fitness. Her consistency and willingness to be patient with the process of improving her quality of movement to achieve higher levels of fitness has shown through in the huge strides she has made in her training programs. She’s doubled the amount of weight she can use in almost every exercise since ....

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  • The myth of multitasking: are you really getting more done?

    "To do two things at once is to do neither" What if I told you that multitasking was a lie? It is universally accepted as an effective thing to do and heck, people even put their multitasking skill on resumes because employers look for that in prospective hires! The problem is that we've got it all wrong. In 2009 Stanford University Professor, Clifford Nass set out to discover how well multitaskers were "multitasking". He and his team of researchers gave 262 students questionnaires to determine how often they multitasked. The students were then divided into two groups of high and low multitaskers. The hypothesis was that the multitaskers would perform better. The researchers ....

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  • What exactly does sharpen the saw mean?

    In Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, habit number 7 involves what he calls Sharpening the Saw. Simply put, it is the habit of self-renewal, the that allows you to keep doing all of the other hard work that demands most of your life. There are four dimensions that you want to focus on physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual, and you want to put equal attention towards each. During our annual inter-gym March Madness competition, we challenge our members to take time to sharpen the saw and take some time for themselves. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Investing in yourself is the single most powerful investment ....

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