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  • 2 Minute Desk Recharge (for Stiff Neck and Shoulders)

    In this period of lockdown it’s more than likely that you have to be stationary at your desk for long periods of time. Do you ever notice and residual neck, shoulder, or upper back tightness? I know that I do! Try out this 2 minute desk recharge when you start to notice the beginnings of an ache in any of those areas. Check out the video here! Neck Movements: 5 each side Right / Left Up / Down Side / Side Forward / Back T-spine / Shoulder Movements: 5 reps Finger lock overhead reaches Elbow Curls Cat / Cow Backwards shoulder rolls ....

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  • KORE Wellness Soft Reopening Policies and Schedule

    KORE Wellness Soft Reopening Policies and Schedule As the Governor is allowing members to come back to the gym we want to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Please know that it is 100% your choice to decide between online training and live training, we will keep both options open until new cases in the state fall to (and remain) at zero for 2 consecutive weeks. These are some of the policies that we will have in place as we begin to reopen at a very reduced capacity. The basics
    PLEASE do not come to the studio/gym if you are sick or don’t feel well.
    If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 please let us know.
    Upon entering the gym
    The main door ....

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  • An exercise in eating with Mindfulness

    Last week we’ve looked at the importance of not only slowing down our eating, but our approach to life. Today, an exercise to help you practice. Eat a raisin... really, really slowly At some point in the next few days, grab a handful of raisins. (By the way, you can also try this experiment with some "junk food". See what you notice when you eat, say, your favorite guilty pleasure slowly) Book 15 minutes with no interruptions or distractions to complete the following task. (If you can’t find 15 quiet minutes alone, then either you’re a mother of a newborn, you’re in the trenches of the COVID-Quarantine with kids at home, (if you have ....

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  • A great nutrition foundation starts with this.

    Last week, this link was broken. I'm adding the link to our 9-week nutrition program again here for those who missed it. Click here to enroll. The most important 2 steps to setting a foundation for good nutrition doesn't have anything to do with what you eat, when you eat, where you eat, who you eat with, or getting anything else "perfect". These two steps are something you can always go to in any situation, anywhere you go. This habit overcomes obstacles presented with restaurant eating, eating on the road, and eating on vacation. The first of these steps is... It's so simple, but this habit really works. Eat slowly. Eating slowly is one of the two most important habits ....

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  • How to manage nutrition during the quarantine period:

    How to manage nutrition during the quarantine period: More research is out this week and it is showing that those who suffer the most with the Coronavirus have one or more of the following:
    Body composition that puts them in the obese category
    High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
    Diabetes Your most surefire ways to prevent (and reverse) those three categories is through proper physical activity, exercise, and nutrition. Through zoom and online training, we’ve been able to get into a new normal with exercise and I see more people out walking than ever before. The nutrition piece is the one that most people seem to be struggling with. Most people go through life ....

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  • The amazing reasons why you should do Joint Mobility regularly (And a follow along video!)

    We were discussing all of the popping, crunching and clicking that we experience as we were doing our joint mobility this week (especially the neck exercises), and it got me thinking about what joint mobility is REALLY doing. Yoga has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade and while it is a great practice for a lot of people, joint mobility gives an alternative that is similar but different in a lot of ways. The goal of Joint Mobility training is to help lubricate the joints and keep them functioning at their ideal range of motion. Some of the benefits of a regular joint mobility practice are healthier joints, greater range of motion, more fluid movement and improved ....

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  • Righteous Tiger Qi Gong Training Program

    Righteous Tiger Qi Gong 21 Day Training Program As a member of KORE Wellness, you have been gifted 10 of the 21 days of Meghan Cole’s Righteous Tiger Qi Gong program. With each of the links below, Meghan takes you through the program of the day, slowly building upon each day with new skills and things to think about. Feel free to use just these 10 days or if you fall in love with the art of Qi Gong and wish to continue, Meghan has two options to continue, one simply completing the program with the videos, and the other to have daily guided coaching sessions with Meghan herself. I hope you find these videos to be of value, especially during this stressful time at home in ....

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  • Creative ways to cover up while in public

    In case anyone missed the news this weekend (and if so, I'm proud of you!), we've now been told by the CDC that we SHOULD in fact be covering our faces when we're out in public. Now by public, this means things like trips to the grocery store or other places where it is hard to keep 6 feet away from other individuals. There are several ways that you can do this and this blog will show you the easy and effective way as well as the um, not so easy and effective way?? This video is a quick and effective way to make a face mask from a hand towel or t-shirt and two rubber bands CDC's quick and easy face mask THIS however is a sampling of maybe some not so easy and effective DIY ....

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  • Ways to enhance your wellness while self-isolating

    Ways to enhance your wellness while self-isolating When our minds are consumed by the spread of the coronavirus and its impact on our health, loved ones, town, country, economy and future — not to mention an abrupt transition to life at home, e-working, e-training, and homeschooling — how do we maintain our own mental health and well-being? Here are some things that we’ve been doing:
    Reconnect at the dinner table - with everyone’s on the go lifestyle the thing that seems to get neglected is the family dinner. So many studies have reported that families who sit down together for a home cooked meal on a regular basis are overall healthier. It’s ....

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  • Conduct becoming of a Fighter, our newest member spotlight

    Conduct becoming of a fighter; this is Gary's Member spotlight story. What the staff has to say about Gary: When we decide on each member of the month, we look for individuals who are giving extraordinary effort. For some that might just mean showing up consistently and dedicating themselves to the journey for the first time, for others it might mean doing something that was once impossible. Gary is retired from the US Army and though retired, his Rock Steady boxing class has become like a band of brothers (and sisters) to him. Like his comrades in the military, they are all fighting the enemy together. This time however, the fight is much more personal. With Gary ....

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