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  • Does exercising regularly reduce damage chronic sitting causes?

    You've heard about how bad sitting is for you, but you go to the gym, you work out regularly, you're not at risk! Or are you? The research is out: Death rates are high for people who spend most of their day sitting EVEN if they meet the minimum physical activity recommendations for physical activity on a weekly basis. Yep, you read that right. While getting enough exercise is great, it's not enough. Too much sitting has been linked to:
    An increase in biological aging of up to 8 years
    A 50% greater risk of dying prematurely from all causes
    A risk of heart attack equal to that of smokers
    Increased risk of cancer
    Increased overall fatigue, back pain, and neck pain But why? Our bodies ....

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  • Murph Challenge 2019

    Written By Jared Kauffman One week until Fall! Well, it may finally be here in Columbia around November... Nevertheless, KORE members will begin to commence training for one of our Fall traditions, the Murph Challenge. Every year around November or December, KORE hosts an event called the Murph Challenge. This challenge was chosen because it requires participants to train for something that on the first glance elicts the thought “I could never do that”. This Crossfit Hero workout involves Running 1 mile, then doing 300 squats, 200 push ups, and 100 pull ups (broken up if needed), and then finishing with another mile run. We wanted to challenge our members (and ....

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  • September's Challenge - Consistency is the key.

    September's Challenge - Consistency is the key.

    We live in a world of instant gratification. We are constantly bombarded by quick fixes and instant results, so much so that we’ve been convinced that those impossible claims ACTUALLY lead to lasting results! Marketers have our number, it’s really nice to see quick results especially in a world where most things worth having come VERY slowly. A good education, career development, mastery of a skill, building a nest egg, raising children, these are things that take a lot of time and consistent effort. These are all extremely rewarding achievements but we’re talking about 10,000 hours! Take a second to think of something in your life that you want to ....

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  • The journey to success is measured in inches; this is Shannon's Member of the month story.

    The journey to success is measured in inches; this is Shannon's Member of the month story. What the staff has to say about Shannon: When we decide on each member of the month, we look for individuals who are giving extraordinary effort. For some that might just mean showing up consistently and dedicating themselves to the journey for the first time, for others it might mean doing something that was once impossible. Shannon's journey involves a little bit of both. Shannon used to be very active doing classes like zumba, salsa, body pump and step aerobics however, in her mid to late 30’s she started to have a lot of knee issues that made squats and lunges impossible ....

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  • Time Management: How to find time wasters

    Time Management: How to find time wasters

    We are all searching for ways to get a little bit more time back in our week. If you take a good look at all of the things that demand your time, generally everything you do falls into one of these 4 categories:
    The MOST important uses of your time, and things you MUST continue doing (eating, sleeping, working, picking the kids up from activities, brushing your teeth, exercising, etc)
    Things you can delegate to someone else by providing the right training or find a way to make more efficient (grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, carpooling, morning/evening routine, yard work, cleaning, etc)
    Things you can delegate IMMEDIATELY or reduce your time spent doing significantly ....

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  • Farewell, old friend

    “How lucky I am to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard” - AA Milne This past Sunday I had to say goodbye to my best friend, my constant companion for over 13 years. While it was hard to say goodbye knowing that I would never again have my pre dawn and 4pm alarm clock, my sous chef / dishwasher, my reason we could never kill a fly in the house, and my best cuddle buddy... I just can’t help feeling so lucky to have had the privilege of his friendship. Many of you knew and loved Jack and will share in mourning his loss as well, so my hope is that this note will be a bittersweet send off to one of the greatest dogs I will ever have the pleasure of ....

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  • No time?  It's all about your priorities

    No time? It's all about your priorities

    “Lack of time is lack of priorities” - Tim Ferris We live in a world where everyone is rushing around frantically trying to get all of the things done and constantly complaining about being too busy or not having enough time. Time is the great equalizer, it is one of the only things that every single person on this earth has the exact same amount of: 168 hours in a week, no more, no less. If that’s the case, why are some people running around like chickens with their heads cut off and never have enough time and other people seem to have everything effectively managed and time to spare? It comes down to two very basic things:
    Knowing your priorities

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  • With a commitment to health and fitness that supersedes any excuse, this is Rebecca’s Member of the Month story

    With a commitment to health and fitness that supersedes any excuse, this is Rebecca’s Member of the Month story What the staff has to say about Rebecca: There are a lot of women out there who use pregnancy as an excuse to stop exercising and eat everything they want for 9 months. Most people use any variety of added stress to take some time off from a commitment to moving forward on their personal health journey. Rebecca has been amazingly dedicated to her health journey since joining the KORE family after having her second child. She’s put in the work and achieved a level of health and fitness that she could be happy about after having two babies. Over the ....

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  • Why (and How) do we warm up before exercise?

    At KORE, we have a fairly unique warm-up routine, with exercises that take the body through a very wide variety of movements. It is not unusual for some people starting an exercise program to experience some soreness after their first time doing our warm-up. The biggest reason that we have a mandatory dynamic warm-up at our facility is to prime the body for movement. As our world becomes more and more modernized, most of the movement related tasks once required have been eliminated which means that we spend most of our day moving from one seated position to another. This in turn leads to cold, stiff, and shortened muscles in the body that will be in high demand once you start your ....

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  • After you’ve completed your functional strength test, how do you work to improve it?

    After you’ve completed your functional strength test, how do you work to improve it? The answer: Grease the Groove. Well what in the heck does that mean? Greasing the groove means that you pick your weakest link of the four exercises and you commit to frequent perfect practice of that exercise. The success grease the groove is:
    Perfect practice makes perfect: You cut back your reps of that exercise to a number that you can execute flawless high tension repetitions (the number of reps you do is determined by quality, you should stop before your technique starts to falter)
    The more you do something, the better you get: Without going to fatigue or overtraining, do ....

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